Harrington Park Council Approves Infrastructure Improvements and Addresses Residents’ Concerns

The Harrington Park Borough Council met on July 10, 2023, to discuss a range of issues from infrastructure projects to residents’ concerns about local road conditions. The meeting, presided over by Mayor Paul A. Hoelscher, saw the approval of various resolutions aimed at enhancing the borough’s amenities and infrastructure.

At the forefront of the meeting was the council’s approval of a series of resolutions related to infrastructure improvements. These resolutions authorized professional service agreements with Neglia Engineering Associates for various projects, including the reconstruction of the George Street Tennis Courts, Parkway Roadway Improvements, the 2023 Riverside Co-op Paving Program aimed at constructing roadway improvements within the borough, and an emergency contract for the removal and replacement of a damaged guide rail at the entrance to the Harrington Park Swim Club on Rugen Drive, following an incident that affected the safety of the general public.

Local residents took the opportunity to voice their concerns during the open session. Janet Goodman expressed her gratitude to the governing body for the prompt repair of the guard rail at the Harrington Park Swim Club. She also inquired about the crosswalk project on Blanch Ave and if a traffic study had been conducted by Bergen County. In response, Mr. Kunjesh Trivedi, the Borough Administrator/CFO, assured Goodman that Bergen County had recently striped Blanch Ave and that a traffic study was in progress.

Another resident, Patricia Duggan, highlighted the deteriorating condition of Van Orden Road and sought clarification on the borough’s road paving schedule. She also expressed interest in accessing the Municipal Budget. Mr. Trivedi directed her to the Clerk’s Office for both the road paving schedule and the Municipal Budget. Furthermore, Duggan posed questions regarding the impact on taxpayers when the bonds mature in 2026. Trivedi explained the bond sale process and offered to provide a comprehensive explanation at his office.

The council also discussed the Proposed Bond Ordinance #771-23, which provides for various 2023 capital improvements in the borough. The ordinance appropriates $1,038,020 and authorizes the issuance of $988,590 in bonds or notes to finance part of the costs.

As the meeting wrapped up, no reports were presented from various committees, including Planning, Police, Municipal Court, DPW, Finance, Recreation Commission, and the Borough Administrator. The mayor was notably absent from the meeting.

The next regular meeting of the Harrington Park Borough Council promises further discussions on the borough’s development and residents’ concerns.

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