Hasbrouck Heights Board of Education Maps Out New School Year

In a recent meeting of the Hasbrouck Heights Board of Education at the High School Media Center in New Jersey, several resolutions were approved, outlining the roadmap for the upcoming 2023-2024 school year. Chaired by the Board President Mrs. Lori Cintron, the meeting primarily focused on educational advancements, financial allocations, and personnel decisions.

First on the agenda were approvals by the Education Committee co-chaired by Nicole Campbell Russo and Jillian Ferdinand. They detailed and secured approval for numerous initiatives including the ratification of the student handbook/code of conduct across elementary, middle, and high schools, as well as structured professional development for staff at Euclid and Lincoln schools. Significantly, they revised the job description for the Supervisor of Instruction and Program Pre-K-6, extending it from Pre-K-5, highlighting a notable amendment aimed at refining the educational framework.

Following the education committee’s approvals, the Special Education Committee led by Lauren Terranova and Mrs. Ferdinand validated contracts with BCSS, allocating varying budgets ranging from $20,520.00 to $78,390.00 for individual student educational needs. This dedication to individualized educational provisions reinforces the district’s commitment to nurturing each student’s potential, ensuring no one is left behind in their educational journey.

Moreover, the meeting saw a financial roadmap carved out for educational resources and infrastructure. A standout point was the allocation of an additional $100,000 for the procurement of a new high school math textbook series, funded through the surplus from the Extraordinary Aid of the preceding year. Alongside, a significant sum of $190,000 was appropriated from the Capital Reserve Fund to address unforeseen additional work in the ongoing High School Cafeteria Renovations project, echoing the board’s commitment to enhancing student amenities.

Facilitating innovative educational tools were at the forefront, with approvals for the renewal and establishment of resources such as BrainPop and BrainPop Jr., alongside other materials aimed at supporting specific seminars and subjects, showcasing a holistic approach to nurturing a rich educational environment.

A substantial part of the meeting dwelt on personnel decisions, marking a new beginning for several while acknowledging the contributions of the retiring staff.

The meeting also featured policy discussions, including the first reading of policies regarding sick leave and a reevaluation of existing regulations, demonstrating the board’s proactive approach to fostering a secure and supportive working environment for the staff.

Under the umbrella of new business, there was a unanimous approval of the collective bargaining agreement sidebar addendum concerning Professional Development & Professional Improvement, pointing towards a continued emphasis on enhancing the skill sets and proficiencies of the educational staff, ensuring the students receive education that is both contemporary and comprehensive.

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