Haworth Borough Council Approves $788,000 Bond Ordinance

The Haworth Borough Council convened on July 25, 2023, approving a significant bond ordinance amounting to $788,000 for various public improvements, equipment acquisitions, machinery, and a range of municipal projects.

The detailed bond encompasses allocations for the Police Department, including $89,000 for computer upgrades and body armor; the Department of Public Works (DPW) with $361,000 for vehicles; the Fire Department with $167,000 for equipment; and various other improvements, ranging from pickleball courts to pedestrian bridge replacement. The ordinance was approved with votes from Glenn Z Poosikian, Andrew Rosenberg, Dina Siciliano, Lisa Dhamija, Howard Lau, and Alanna Davis.

Alongside the bond, a notable appointment was the resolution confirming Robert Sherrow as Construction Code Official for a four-year term. Furthermore, the Council approved the appointment of Lauren Roehrer as Chief Financial Officer to fulfill an unexpired term at a compensation rate of $85.00 per hour.

Mayor Heather Wasser also announced a new initiative for the Borough Engineer to explore a federal grant for installing a sidewalk along Valley Road and to go out for bid for a pedestrian bridge. In addition, the Council approved an ordinance appropriating $20,000 for various swim pool improvements, and an emergency resolution was passed for expenses related to the DPW, with a $35,000 emergency appropriation for HVAC Installation.

Council members provided updates on community activities and projects. Councilman Howard Lau highlighted recreational activities and the state’s lack of requirements for EV charging stations. Councilwoman Lisa Dhamija discussed positive audit results for the library and new hires. Glenn Z Poosikian reported on the Department of Public Works’ maintenance activities, and Andrew Rosenberg touched on the Police Department’s recent activities and budget-related ordinances.

Councilwoman Dina Siciliano spoke about the Swim Club, recruiting a new manager, and work done to fix damages. Councilwoman Alanna Davis elaborated on Senior Citizen benefits and park and playground improvements. Borough Administrator Jo Anna Myung reported on administrative matters, and Mayor Wasser expressed gratitude to the Council and staff for their hard work during a challenging period, also mourning the loss of CFO Ron Monaco.

The meeting concluded with approvals of various ordinances, including a capital ordinance for swim pool improvements and a power washer. Other business included an extension of hours for Haworth Arts Committee’s Midsummer Night’s JAM till 10:00 PM on July 29, 2023, and inquiries into lifeguard salaries.

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