Haworth Council Greenlights Borough Historian Role

In a recent meeting presided over by Mayor Heather Wasser, the Haworth Borough Council moved forward on a series of significant ordinances and resolutions aiming to streamline the borough’s operations and enhance community infrastructure.

A notable milestone was achieved with the passage of Ordinance 23-18, which formalized the creation of a Borough Historian role. The ordinance not only laid down the appointment process and term but also envisaged a role steeped in research, historic preservation, and the potential formation of a committee devoted to historical affairs in Haworth.

The council introduced and passed three key ordinances. Ordinance 23-16 tackled the fee structure for obtaining certified copies of marriage, birth, and death certificates, now stipulating a $20 fee for the first copy and $5 for each additional copy. This initiative witnessed unanimous agreement from Poosikian, Siciliano, and Lau. Following this, the council approved Ordinance 23-17, delineating new protocols and fees for street, curb, and sidewalk openings, the changes include setting the permit fee at $250 and specifying additional requisites to ensure restoration post work completion.

The council also showed a focus on improving community infrastructure. Resolution 034:08’2023 was met with approval, allowing for an injection of $248,240 into the 2023 budget for improvements to Maple Street and Park Street, sourced from the New Jersey Department of Transportation Municipal Aid Office’s 2023 fiscal year provisions. Moreover, discussions on street vacating requests continued, albeit for a different location at 134 Brook Street, marking it for review, with Councilman Poosikian announcing the initiation of bidding specifications for the 2023 Road Project.

The council discussed an agreement with the Dumont municipality to provisionally share the services of a Court Administrator. This measure is designed to facilitate smooth functioning during absences of the Municipal Court Administrator, with a decided charge of $50.00 per hour for the services rendered.

Moreover, the Council gave a nod to substantial allocations through Ordinance 23-14 and Ordinance 23-15 for a series of acquisitions and improvements across various borough departments, encompassing technology enhancements and vehicle procurements. The total appropriations stood at $21,750 and a substantial $788,000 respectively, with the latter to be facilitated through a down payment of $38,000 and the issuance of bonds and notes amounting to $750,000.

The session also saw the ratification of the 2022 annual list of Haworth Fire Department members eligible for credits under the Length of Service Award Program (LOSAP), followed by a discussion on LOSAP contributions for 2022.

During the public comments segment, the council addressed concerns raised by the community on various fronts including street vacating and environmental concerns around Mass Ave, promising due investigations by the pertinent officials.

Towards the meeting’s end, an ordinance introduced an appropriation of $20,000 from the Swim Pool Capital Fund Balance for swimming pool improvements, emphasizing that the project was not a current expense and no properties would be specifically assessed for it.

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