Haworth Recreation Commission Solidifies Plans for Upcoming Community Events

In a recent meeting of the Haworth Recreation Commission, plans for the eagerly anticipated Haworth Day and other notable events slated for the coming months were reviewed and further refined. The in-person session, which took place on August 7 and included commission members such as Howard Lau and others, explored a diverse range of topics including logistics for the Haworth Day celebration and Halloween preparations.

With Haworth Day approaching, the commission discussed essential details to ensure the event’s success. A pivotal point of the discussion centered around the acquisition of a stage for the event’s Coffee House segment, with members proposing renting it annually from Oradell, while a flatbed truck was suggested as an alternative option. Plans to liaise with Neal for organizing canoe rides were also on the agenda, as was the reservation of portable toilets to facilitate attendees. Further, Bob, a person involved in the discussions, pledged to follow up on various aspects including coordinating with Tommy for the stage and banners setup, exploring payment options like Venmo and Zelle, and finalizing designs for T-shirts and bucket hats, the sale of which would benefit the recreation commission. In an attempt to boost the event’s offerings, Cindy was tasked with finding vendors for potential petting zoo or pony rides.

The commission emphasized the significance of the upcoming 5K run scheduled for September 30, highlighting the need to arrange for the placement of banners side by side on the Schraalenburgh side to garner attention. Vendors for the event are expected to come in predominantly in September, with provisions for a new ticket table location to accommodate the number of volunteers being discussed.

Looking ahead to Halloween, the commission deliberated over blocking off St. Nicholas and Brookside pending police approval to ensure safety during the celebration set for October 31 from 3 to 6 pm.

The meeting progressed with a unanimous vote approving the minutes from the July session and a nod to procurement orders for field bases to enhance local sporting facilities.

Engaging with the community in other recreational avenues, the commission reviewed a refund process for a resident concerning summer camp fees, and acknowledged participation in the National Night Out, with members having attended events in Closter and Harrington Park.

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