Haworth School Board Plans for Enrollment Surge

The Haworth Board of Education met on May 24, 2023, discussing the possibility of hiring additional teachers in response to a projected enrollment increase of 21 students for the 2023-24 academic year. As part of this comprehensive strategy, the board also approved various staff appointments, educational programs, and professional development plans.

Acting Superintendent Paul Wolford presented the 2021-22 Harassment, Intimidation, and Bullying (HIB) Self-Assessment Report, which indicated a positive direction for the school environment with no open cases. Students and staff were also recognized through the “Kids with Character Award Presentation” for their remarkable dependability.

In the context of the enrollment growth, the board approved the hiring of several new staff members. These include Jill Lela Burgy as Middle School Science Teacher, Taylor Hall as Middle School Math Teacher, and Hannah Lim as Paraprofessional with ABA Training. All new hires will start in the 2023-24 school year at specified annual salaries. Meanwhile, Krina Kanellopoulos was approved as the Special Education Teacher for the year, receiving an annual salary of $69,373 pending transcript review.

The board approved the 2024 graduate level courses for staff members as part of the Haworth Teachers Association Collective Bargaining Agreement, further underscoring their commitment to continued professional development. They also authorized attendance and registration costs for professional development workshops or conferences for certain employees.

The Haworth School Board also named a school safety specialist team, trained by the New Jersey Department of Education (NJDOE), featuring Paul Wolford, Kylie Porcelli, Michelle Corsentino, Jaclyn Honovich, Alicia Kosakowski, and Derick Talty.

The Board endorsed various financial and operational recommendations, including the approval of bills and claims for May 2023 and the payroll for April 2023. They also agreed to the 2023-2024 Consortium Memorandum of Agreement between the Northern Valley Regional High School Board of Education and the Haworth School District.

A 5th-grade field trip to the Buehler Science Center in Paramus, NJ, was also greenlighted for either October or November 2023. Alongside this, the board approved staff members for the Jump Start Math & ELA Programs and summer Jump Start curriculum writing at specified hourly rates.

The Board of Education also granted approval to the Business Administrator’s Merit Goal completion, yielding a merit bonus of $4,769, equal to 3.33% of his annual salary. This reward followed his successful implementation and supervision of an “”InHouse”” Food Service program that provided various nutritional lunch options for students and staff.

In line with strengthening its education programs, the board recommended a 3-year contract with Curiosity Corner/Success for All Foundations, Inc. for a pre-school curriculum, professional development, and coaching. Various purchases for school infrastructure and services were also approved, such as a walk-in cooler/freezer combo, technology systems, a reference database, policy services, and more, subject to appropriate review and approval.

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