Ho-Ho-Kus Board of Education Approves 2023-2024 Contracts and Staff Appointments

The Ho-Ho-Kus Board of Education gathered for a regular meeting on July 11, 2023, to discuss and vote on a wide array of matters, predominantly focusing on the approval of contracts, staff appointments, and educational planning for the upcoming 2023-2024 academic year. Key board members in attendance included Maggie Liljegren and Superintendent Dr. Diane Mardy, with Renée Muco and Anthony Karoleski absent. The meeting, chaired by President Ms. Langevin, saw numerous approvals in staffing, planning, and financial fronts with a positive note on the educational planning segment revealing no incidents in the June 2023 HIB report.

In terms of personnel matters, the board confirmed several appointments for the upcoming school year. Notably, Jennifer Casas was hired as a Full-Time Middle School Special Education Teacher and Madeline Schossberg secured roles as an Instructional Assistant and a temporary replacement teacher. Dr. Diane Mardy was appointed as the Director of Special Projects for the 2023-2024 term, a position commencing from July 1, 2023. The board also acknowledged the resignation of assistant Deborah Joyce, effective from June 30, 2023.

The educational planning segment was marked with affirmations on various fronts including the approval of attendance and tuition specifics for students attending Bergen Academy and Bergen Tech. An emergency plan for virtual or remote instruction also received the nod, marking a structured approach for unexpected eventualities. On a similar note, additional services were secured for a student identified as ID #2524 for August 2023.

Turning their attention towards the infrastructure, the board approved a rental agreement with Jake Storage Containers for an annual fee of $1,320 and green-lit the usage of school fields for the upcoming HHK Jr. Police Academy event. Financial deliberations witnessed a host of agreements, including the procurement of a Datto Appliance S5-4 4TB from Atlantic, Tomorrow’s Office and a preventative maintenance contract with Butler Water Corrections. A standout agreement was the extensive collaboration with Atlantic Tomorrow’s Office for IT infrastructure and leasing nine copiers/printers/scanners, envisioning robust support for the school’s operational needs.

A range of software subscriptions were renewed to aid educational and management services, including tools like Educator Software Solutions, Go Guardian, and Learning Ally, among others. Hardware investments were not left behind as the board approved the purchase of 60 Chromebooks and six Smart Panels, partly funded through donations from the Ho-Ho-Kus Education Foundation.

The board further addressed website management and archival matters, with approvals for agreements with multiple vendors including Accu Scan Digital Archival Solutions and SysCloud for Google Workspace backup subscription. Initiatives for the betterment of the school’s physical infrastructure were also sanctioned, including annual fire sprinkler inspection and asset inventory exercises for the upcoming school year.

During the meeting, several policies and regulations underwent the first round of readings, pinpointing areas such as instructional supplies and school district security. Moreover, the board decided to abolish policies pertaining to public relations and citizens advisory committees, signifying a restructuring in these domains.

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