Holdrum School Shines Post-Renovation, Celebrated in River Vale School Board Meeting

In a recent meeting, the River Vale School Board and Superintendent Melissa Signore came together to discuss a variety of topics, chief among them the successful renovation of Holdrum School. Lauded for its spacious hallways and advanced acoustic design, the renovation symbolizes a promising future for River Vale’s young scholars. Despite this bright note, the meeting also highlighted pressing issues including halted after-school transportation services due to lack of vendor interest.

Leading the array of praises for Holdrum School’s revamp were board members Patrice Pintarelli and Cheryl Berkowitz. Their commendations were joined by parents and students alike who appreciated the building’s enhanced features, modern, and bright interiors designed to foster creativity and innovation among students. The board also recognized the hard work of the building and grounds team for completing the renovation in time for the school opening. Mrs. Berkowitz shared the positive feedback from her daughter, while another board member narrated the satisfactory personal tour experience alongside Mrs. Pintarelli before the school reopening.

In addition to infrastructure, the meeting shed light on significant curriculum developments. Virginia “Ginny” Senande outlined forthcoming updates from the state on new English Language Arts (ELA) and math standards. The educators await the green light from the State Board of Education in Trenton to proceed with further planning and alignment. The technology report featured the recent deployment of 350 Chromebooks for second to sixth graders and new laptops for elementary teachers, alongside a distribution of 50 interactive panels coupled with professional development sessions for faculty members.

Superintendent Signore detailed an optimistic outline for the academic year, spotlighting the school’s renovated environment encouraging creativity and innovation, and emphasizing a sustained commitment to the holistic well-being of students and staff. She heralded the differentiated learning opportunities and the established partnerships with healthcare entities aimed at bolstering the social and emotional health of the River Vale educational community. The superintendent encouraged the public to stay updated through regular newsletters and website updates, embodying a hopeful spirit for the year ahead.

Despite the positive strides, the meeting also addressed unresolved challenges, primarily the discontinuation of after-school transportation services, which has left many parents concerned. The administration cited unsuccessful bid attempts to secure vendors for the service, a dilemma not exclusive to River Vale. Ensuring a proactive approach, they expressed readiness to re-issue bids, striving to understand and resolve the underlying issues by engaging with bus companies.

As the board navigated the details of ongoing construction and renovation projects spearheaded by Epic Management, the group conveyed their disappointment over the missed opportunity to document developments at Roe Burge. The speaker acknowledged the essential role played by Epic Management in overseeing the project, expressing hope for a fruitful year in the upgraded facility.

As a standard procedural note, the meeting saw a series of votes on various resolutions, with certain members abstaining from voting on segments of resolution B7 without further elaboration. Following the voting sequence, the floor opened for public comments, wherein the board encouraged open communication while retaining the right to moderate the topics presented.

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