Lake Como Borough Council Discusses Building Regulations, Financial Resolutions, and Sanctuary Borough Status

In a recent Lake Como Borough Council meeting, members approved a ordinance amendment related to drainage for new homes, discussed a significant reduction in the permissible building footprint size, passed various financial resolutions, and addressed public concerns about the borough’s sanctuary status.

A focal point of the meeting was the introduction of an ordinance amending development regulations concerning drainage for new constructions. Councilman Douglas E. Witte brought attention to the agreement reached on roof leaders and sump pump drains for new structures or additions. This amendment is expected to mitigate issues related to stormwater management, a concern for many residents. There was no opposition to the proposal during the meeting.

Further to the topic of building and development, the council deliberated over the permissible building footprint for new constructions. Initially listed at 750 square feet during the Workshop, it was revisited and revised to 400 square feet for the first reading. The council voted in favor of the proposal, which now proceeds to the planning board for review, with an option for minor changes before a second reading.

Financial resolutions were a substantial part of the council’s agenda. Acting CFO Samantha Waters and Borough Administrator Andrew Huisman presented Resolution 224-4141, which involved canceling water utility appropriation and updating TR appropriation. This move aimed at reallocating funds within the water utility to ensure compliance with New Jersey state law 48460.

The council also passed resolutions directing payments from various accounts, including the 2023 current account and water sewer account, and authorized payments to New Jersey Natural Gas Company.

Contracts and service awards were also on the agenda. The council unanimously approved a resolution authorizing a contract for fee accounting services and another for improvements to Bman Park playground under the fiscal year 2023 Community Development Block Grant. These contracts represent the council’s ongoing investment in community infrastructure and professional services that support the borough’s administrative functions.

The meeting included a debate over Resolution 2024-46, which addressed the need for executive sessions. Despite some council members questioning the necessity and nature of these closed sessions, the resolution was approved, establishing a protocol for discussing matters falling within the attorney-client privilege.

A moment of public engagement occurred when resident Barbara Franken inquired about the borough’s sanctuary status and potential implications of the arrival of a bus carrying individuals. The council reassured that the borough had not altered its stance as a sanctuary borough and that contingency plans were in place for such an event. Additionally, questions regarding the electric car charging station led to discussions about its funding, usage, and its impact on local businesses.

Councilwoman Hawley Scull announced the date for Lake Como day and mentioned the availability of merchandise. Council President Witte confirmed that financial matters were in order and provided an update on the 100th-anniversary committee’s progress.

The meeting concluded with the approval of a special events permit application for the Spring Lake 5 race. The race director detailed the event and its contributions to charity, which the council received favorably.

Note: This meeting summary was generated by AI, which can occasionally misspell names, misattribute actions, and state inaccuracies. This summary is intended to be a starting point and you should review the meeting record linked above before acting on anything you read. If we got something wrong, let us know. We’re working every day to improve our process in pursuit of universal local government transparency.

Kevin Higgins
City Council Officials:
Douglas E. Witte, Hawley Scull, Chris D’Antuono, Nick DeMauro, Peter Ventrice, Heather Albala-Doyle, Andrew Huisman (Borough Administrator), Amy L Boney (Acting Borough Clerk), Samantha Waters (Acting CFO & Water/Sewer Collector), Robbin Kirk (Tax Collector), Mark Fitzpatrick (CTA, SCGREA Tax Assessor), John Rowe (Zoning Officer), John Rowe (Construction Official), Ted Bianchi (Fire Subcode Official/Inspector), Ted Bianchi (Plumbing Subcode Official/Inspector), Chuck Gimbel (Building Subcode Official/Inspector), Jean Verrier (Electrical Subcode Official/Inspector)

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