Land Use Board Unanimously Passes Temporary Water Treatment Facility Amid Tributes to Late Chairman

The Allendale Land Use Board’s recent meeting was a poignant mix of honoring the late Chairman Kevin Quinn, making crucial leadership changes, and addressing contentious issues around land use and water safety. The meeting addressed a slew of matters, from variance requests to temporary water treatment facilities, demonstrating the board’s commitment to resolving community challenges, despite personal loss.

Kevin Quinn’s passing was acknowledged with heartfelt tributes from board members and the mayor, recognizing his 20-year contribution to the Allendale community. Quinn was remembered for his objectivity in assessing applications, balancing borough needs and applicant requirements, and his dedication to preserving Allendale’s ambiance. His colleagues and the mayor emphasized his impact, stating, “You don’t find somebody like Kevin who puts so much time into the community…he was a pillar in the community and he will be missed.”

With the passing of Quinn, the Board elected a new chairman and vice chairman. Former vice chairman, Mike Sariko, and long-standing board member, Melissa Bergen, assumed these roles, promising to uphold the values and standards set by their predecessor.

A notable part of the meeting was the discussion of a variance request by Michael Zeoli and Samantha Denubio for a two-story addition to their home. The expansion was fraught with issues concerning lot size, proximity to property lines, and storm water management. Despite assurances by architect John Ferraro that the addition would not impact the neighborhood or adjacent properties, the board members remained concerned about potential effects on neighboring properties and runoff.

The board also reviewed a ‘C’ variance application from Lauren and Rick Goldberg, who requested an amendment to shrink their back porch size due to its closeness to their pool. Their architect assured the board that despite the required extension to their house and interior rearrangements, environmental impact would be minimal. Their efforts to avoid further variances by reducing their back porch size were appreciated by board members, leading to the motion for approval of the Goldberg application.

The most significant item was the proposed temporary water treatment facility by Viola Water at 664 West Crescent. The temporary facility, intended to address contamination in the borough’s water system, would be installed on a residential property next to an existing well and would be removed once a permanent system was in place. Despite variances required for the facility, the board approved the application conditionally, pending further requests from borough engineers, particularly regarding landscaping.

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