Leadership Transition Dominate Glen Rock School Board Meeting

At a recent meeting, the Glen Rock School Board grappled with school security, bade farewell to departing members, affirmed its commitment to diversity and inclusivity, and prepared for a transition in leadership.

The outgoing Business Administrator and Board Secretary known for his leadership, especially in implementing the Wreath Across America program, was lauded by speakers who expressed their gratitude for his support. His successor, Mr. James Canalis will take over the role from June 1st. Canalis received a warm welcome, with Dr. Bender stating confidently, “I am sure Mr. Canalis is up for the challenge.”

The School Board was also preparing to bid goodbye to Mr. Michael Rinder, whose dedication and positive impact were applauded by many attendees. As one member humorously remarked, “Mike, well, there’s not much else to say but good luck.”

Among the imminent changes, the school board celebrated its current achievements. Recent student events such as the life skills workshops, art shows, and middle school talent show were highly attended and received positively. Particularly notable was the school’s initiative in providing a wide range of electives, allowing students to pursue various interests, which outgoing student Caitlin praised as a distinguishing feature of Glen Rock.

The Board also reaffirmed its commitment to inclusivity and diversity. A speaker identified as Jackie Devore stated, “For all of our students, for all of our staff who are members of the LGBTQIA community, we love you, we honor you, we accept you, and we celebrate you.”

Security concerns were another focal point of the meeting. A member raised the issue of the school’s policy of being open all the time, hinting that the board could benefit from community input on this matter. As the member remarked, “I love having the school open and yet we know like we just leave our school open.”

In addition to these discussions, the meeting saw expressions of gratitude for the board’s cooperation with local organizations. Notably, community member Jim Garofal expressed his gratitude towards Dr. Perrin for his support of the local VFW chapter, describing him as a “breath of fresh air.”

As the meeting concluded, attendees reflected on past disagreements and collaborations, wished the departing members the best for their future endeavors, and looked forward to the changes in leadership and potential improvements in school security.

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