Lifeguards Honored for Heroism as Maywood Council Tackles Community Development and Safety

In a recent assembly of the Maywood Borough Council, a spectrum of community matters unfolded, with the spotlight shining on the valor of local lifeguards, David Mills and Jordan Stallone, who were recognized for their life-saving efforts. The meeting also delved into community development projects, police promotions, and environmental initiatives.

The meeting commenced with Mayor Richard Bolan and Council President Jacqueline DeMuro leading the recognition of the municipal pool lifeguards. A harrowing incident on Labor Day saw a young girl unresponsive at the pool’s bottom, but thanks to the lifeguards’ swift actions and effective emergency plans, she was rescued and made a full recovery. The council, in a moment of unity and gratitude, applauded the lifeguards, emphasizing the significance of their training.

Hispanic Heritage Month also found a warm embrace in the council’s agenda, reflecting the borough’s diverse demographic tapestry, with a 23.1% Hispanic population. The council resolved to support the observation of Hispanic Heritage Month 2023, acknowledging the independence days of several Latin American countries marked during this period.

In a stride towards community safety, the council welcomed a new member to the police force, Mr. John Burns, who took the oath of office alongside Chief and Councilman Louis D. Roer. The promotion of Police Officer Christopher Nichols to sergeant was met with applause.

Infrastructure and development projects were a focal point of the discussion, with the completion of the Briarcliff Avenue DOT improvement and the announcement of several grants aimed at enhancing local recreational facilities. The council also highlighted the Maywood Swim Club decking improvements, aiming for completion before the 2024 pool opening season.

Environmental consciousness resonated through the council’s discourse, with Councilman Roy emphasizing the planting of around 120 trees this fall and the receipt of a $15,000 grant for spotted lanternfly treatment. The council humorously defended the tree inventory, underscoring its utility in identifying vulnerable young maple trees.

Flood mitigation efforts were thoroughly discussed, with Mayor Bolan expressing interest in applying for FEMA’s mitigation funds, particularly focusing on Esplanade, where recent flooding has occurred. The council explored the practicality of alleviating flooding through cleaning the underground culvert and addressing impediments such as culvert failure or cracking.

The installation of pull boxes for wiring and the replacement of trees removed during construction were addressed, with the council ensuring compliance with borough requirements. Public concerns, including the widening of Route 17 and potential obstructions on Maywood Avenue, were acknowledged, with the council assuring continued communication with the county.

Community spirit was celebrated through discussions on local events such as a September 11 ceremony, a fall festival, and a concert series. The council emphasized the importance of these events in fostering unity, with one member stating, “I think what’s really the benefit ultimately of these things is that people, it was just the community, that people could come together, that they could be with each other.”

The council also discussed a mixed-use parking lot project, emphasizing its commercial and residential aspects and aiming for the project to be environmentally friendly. The police chief elaborated on the utility of a license plate reader system in preventing crime, particularly addressing the prevalent issue of car thefts in New Jersey.

The council honored three centenarian residents, Monty Negron, Helen Marmian, and Mildred Wayne, recognizing their longevity and contributions to the community. The meeting concluded with updates on various sports seasons, public comments on noise from overhead planes, and the anticipation of the next meeting scheduled for October 25th.

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