Lodi Borough Council Appoints Eight Diverse Officers in Police Department Expansion

The Lodi Borough Council in New Jersey swore in eight new officers to its police department on July 11, 2023. The appointment, notable for its size and diversity, marks a signfigiant moment for the borough’s law enforcement and represents the council’s strategy of staying ahead of impending retirements.

Police Chief Donald Scorsetti lauded the council’s decision, stating, “This is the first time in my career, 30 plus years… that we have hired eight officers at one time. So that in itself shows you how committed this mayor and council is to providing you safety and security.” The new officers – five males and three females – were chosen from a pool of 30 applicants, with most of them being bilingual to fit the community’s demographic needs.

The swearing-in ceremony presented an array of backgrounds and skill sets. Lifelong Lodi residents Dennis Daener, Rodney Sequeira, Jack Mandeep, Jordan D’Aciglia, and Fabio Torres were joined by Ashley Medina and Patarina Rojas, Spanish-speaking recent arrivals to Lodi. The two remaining appointees included a multilingual graduate from Montclair State University and Pablo Gabriel, a Chilean native fluent in Spanish with a background in automotive mechanics and electronics.

The council welcomed the officers. Senior officers advised the newcomers to heed the wisdom of those who had served before them, expressing optimism for their future careers.

No community members questioned the need to spend more on the officers.

In other business, the council unveiled several bond ordinances related to local improvements, all unanimously adopted. A bond ordinance proposing the allocation of $200,000 for the purchase of new or replacement equipment for the police department was particularly noteworthy. This move further underscored the council’s dedication to ensuring the borough’s safety.

Apart from these highlights, a proposal was made to conduct a traffic study around Savoy and St. Joseph Bay due to an absent stop sign. The council also discussed amending the borough’s sewer code, authorizing the purchase of air filtration systems for the borough, and introduced an ordinance to regulate clothing donation bins.

The meeting concluded with council members expressing their commitment to the community’s good. Emphasis was placed on upcoming plans to address speeding, curb and sidewalk issues, and accidents, which are set to be discussed at the August meeting.

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