Lyndhurst Council’s Stalemate on Police Salary Sparks Grievances

In a recent Lyndhurst Town Council meeting, a series of significant civic matters were deliberated, including the contentious issue of police salary amendments and recognition of efforts against food insecurity. The Council also grappled with a range of citizens’ concerns, from rising property taxes to personal grievances.

The Council acknowledged the Woman’s Club of Lyndhurst for their significant contributions towards combating food insecurity in partnership with state food organizations. Mayor Giangeruso declared September 30, 2023, as the General Federation Women’s Club (GFWC) Service Day.

However, the main point of contention arose during the public hearing and final adoption of Ordinance number 31 67-23, which sought to amend the annual salary of the Deputy Chief of Police. The motion to adopt the ordinance faltered, failing to secure a seconding motion. Mayor Giangeruso hinted at plans to revisit the issue, stating, “For the record, I will put that I asked the tax department to add money back into that position of Deputy Chief in the near future after the salary guide.”

As the meeting progressed, the council introduced and scheduled a public hearing for Ordinance number 31 70-23, which seeks to establish annual salaries for patrol offices and superior officers in the Lyndhurst Police Department. Another salary ordinance for police captains, number 31 71-23, was also introduced and set for public hearing.

Beyond the police salary debate, the Council addressed other matters like amending a traffic ordinance to remove handicapped parking at certain locations and the creation of a supervisor position in the Department of Parks and Public Property. These ordinances were moved to public hearing without significant dissent.

During the public comments portion of the meeting, citizen Mark Page expressed his frustration over escalating property taxes, which had increased by 20% in the last year. The Council listened, but no specific solutions were offered at the meeting.

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