Lyndhurst School Board Discusses Washington School Fire Restoration and Ongoing Student Activities

The latest meeting of the Lyndhurst School Board focused on the ongoing restoration efforts at Washington School following a recent fire, the introduction of a new student representative, Nicoletta Anesco, and her report on various school activities. Concurrently, the state monitor assured the district’s financial stability for the remainder of the school year.

The fire at Washington School was a key point of discussion, with Superintendent Joseph A. DeCorso expressing gratitude for the community’s support, highlighted by a generous $15,000 donation from Spencer Savings Bank. DeCorso provided an update on the restoration progress, noting the need to replace smoke-damaged drop ceilings and lighting, and to repaint areas, especially the basement. The board is awaiting quotes from contractors and hopes to begin repairs soon, with a projected timeline of two to three months. While acknowledging that the work is unlikely to be completed by January 1, they remain optimistic that it can be finished shortly after the February break.

In the midst of these restoration efforts, the school board introduced new student representative, Nicoletta Anesco. Anesco is tasked with gathering monthly updates from the building principals. Her first report covered a range of activities, including the high school’s participation in National School Violence Awareness Week, the upcoming fall play, and various volunteering events. The report also highlighted the work of different clubs and societies, such as the Animal Welfare Club, International Culture Club, National Honor Society, and the Journalism Program.

The state monitor presented the September financial reports, expressing support for the resolution certifying sufficient funds to meet the school district’s financial obligations for the academic year. The board approved this resolution, setting a positive tone regarding the district’s financial health amidst ongoing challenges. A tentative budget development schedule for the next school year was also discussed.

There was concern expressed about the meeting agenda being posted just a day before the meeting, especially considering recent executive meetings held on the same day of the public session. The board acknowledged the concern and committed to posting the agenda earlier. Another point of concern was the school’s failure to secure a grant for the Jefferson School Windows project, but Superintendent DeCorso clarified that the district was only approved for a certain amount, while other districts potentially had access to more funding.

During the new business segment, a parent highlighted an issue about the maintenance of school bathrooms, stating that they had been closed due to complaints about their condition. The board members and the superintendent were previously unaware of this issue but pledged to investigate and take immediate action. The board president urged parents and the public to report such issues directly to the superintendent or board members via email.

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