Lyndhurst Town Council Greenlights Creation of Redevelopment Agency

In a recent Lyndhurst Town Council meeting, the most significant move was the council’s initial approval of an ordinance establishing a township redevelopment agency. This agency would be grounded in the principles outlined in the NJSA 40A 12A-1, the Local Development and Housing Law.

Aside from the redevelopment agency, the council tackled several traffic and parking related issues. Three major traffic ordinances were brought forward. Ordinance 3172-23 addressed parking prohibitions during certain hours on specific township streets. Ordinance 3173-23 looked into adding bus stops along various municipal and state roadways within the township. Ordinance 3175-23 is aimed at amending handicap parking regulations, specifically to add and remove spaces in designated locations.

All the above ordinances were unanimously passed by council members, including Louis DeMarco, Karen Haggerty, Richard Jarvis Sr., John J. Montillo Jr., and presided by Mayor Robert B. Giangeruso.

Councilmember DeMarco was recognized for his dedication to local governance. He was congratulated for his participation in the Local Government Leadership program, a notable accomplishment that the League of Municipalities intends to spotlight during its annual conference. DeMarco’s commitment to leadership in local government can serve as an inspiration to current and future public servants.

Additionally, the council acknowledged the success of a recent car show event, expressing gratitude for the community and merchant support. Profits from the event will be donated to a deserving family.

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