Lyndhurst Town Council Greenlights New Investment in Police Department

In a move that is bound to stir discussion among residents, the Lyndhurst Town Council recently authorized the purchase of a state-of-the-art Westward Model Go-4 Gas Interceptor from Trius, Inc. for their police department. The new addition to the local law enforcement’s arsenal is expected to cost the township $35,288.55, as per the decision reached at a specially convened meeting.

At the council meeting, the unanimous decision was reached following a vote by the commissioners. “May I have a motion to adopt resolution number one authorizing the purchase of a Westward Model Go-4 Gas Interceptor from Trius, Inc. For the police department in the amount of thirty-five thousand two hundred eighty-eight thousand fifty-five cents,” asked Mayor Andrew Russo, to which the members responded in the affirmative. Each commissioner – Manillo, DeMarco, Haggerty, and Jarvis – voiced their support for the purchase.

The Go-4 is an urban utility vehicle designed for navigating with ease in space conscious locations and is typically used by parking enforcement officers. The financial implications of this expenditure may also raise questions among some taxpayers about the council’s budgetary decisions.

Interestingly, despite the investment at stake, no public comments or questions were raised during the two periods reserved for public input on the agenda. It’s unclear whether the silence stemmed from broad public support for the initiative or lack of awareness about the potential implications of the purchase.

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