Mahwah School Board Approves Appointment of Dr. Michael DeTuro as Superintendent During Recent Meeting

During a recent meeting of the Mahwah School Board, the appointment of Dr. Michael DeTuro as the superintendent of schools took center stage. The board members expressed their support for Dr. DeTuro, highlighting his dedication to the schools and students. After a vote, the appointment was approved.

The meeting also focused on the analysis of ELA and math scores, identifying areas for improvement, and discussing intervention strategies to support student growth. The board expressed the desire to see an increase in proficiency for all students, particularly those in the lower performance levels. While celebrating the achievements of students in grades 3 through 5, with 67% to 97% meeting or exceeding expectations, the board recognized the need for additional support for subgroups such as multilingual learners (MLS) and special education students.

Interventions discussed during the meeting included personalized learning, vocabulary instruction, and pull-out support for these subgroups. The board emphasized the importance of tracking student progress over time and evaluating program effectiveness. They also addressed the need to improve math scores and highlighted the importance of applying skills and understanding real-world applications.

Furthermore, the board delved into the performance of students in math across different grade levels, comparing the school’s scores to the state scores. They celebrated the school’s performance above the state’s threshold line for scores and noted increases in scores from 2022 to 2023 in grades three to five and K through three. The board acknowledged areas for improvement and discussed interventions such as diagnostic data analysis, math coaching, revised curriculum, and supplementary materials. They also emphasized the integration of geometry throughout the curriculum and prerequisite skill remediation.

In addition to academic performance, the board addressed the use of individual learning plans (ILPs) in math labs and CCR courses to address prerequisite skill remediations. They stressed the importance of explicit instruction on academic and content-specific vocabulary to ensure students have the necessary language skills. The board also focused on science assessment results, where Mahwah students outperformed the state. They discussed interventions to further improve science scores, including alternative programs, aligned vocabulary instruction, and targeted instruction based on individual student data.

The meeting touched on various other topics, including the use of the Lincoln benchmarking system to assess student growth, upcoming events, and community initiatives. The board members expressed appreciation for the comprehensive report on interventions and plans to improve student outcomes.

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