Mahwah Town Council Discusses Infrastructure Updates and Traffic Safety

In the recent Mahwah Town Council meeting, infrastructural concerns and updates primarily dominated the discussion, ranging from public utilities and road conditions to traffic safety measures. Various ongoing projects were analyzed, including potential measures to enhance traffic management at troublesome spots like Darlington Park and Ridge Road, where a traffic light installation emerged as a favorable solution. The resident-induced noise complaint due to a firehouse siren reactivation and the prospective use of Zoom for future meetings were among the other critical discussion points.

The council recieved several updates on infrastructural projects within the township. Notably, the council showed satisfaction with the progress on the LED lighting project at Continental Soldiers Park, appreciating the improved brightness despite fewer bulbs. The project is ahead of schedule, with more than half the poles already fitted with new lights. Furthermore, the road safety concerns at the Ramapo Valley Road and Seminary Drive intersection were addressed, with measures incorporated into the 2023 road program in collaboration with the Rio Vista Homeowners Association. Traffic safety emerged as a prominent topic, centering on recent accidents on routes 287 and 17. The council showed urgency in insisting on DOT involvement in addressing crossroads site issues and highlighted the importance of traffic management strategies, particularly at Darlington Park and Ridge Road, emphasizing a need for a permanent signal installation to manage the traffic more effectively.

The council also took time to discuss the installation of a pool cover at the Mahwah municipal pool. The cover, priced at $33,540, aims to prevent ducks from using the pool which remains undrained during the winter, extending its material lifespan to approximately three years. This update followed a detailed explanation of the necessary repair for the corroded pipes at Fardell Avenue culvert, with a preference for full replacement to ensure both cost-efficiency and minimized road closure time.

A point of conversation came up regarding a resident’s complaint about a reactivated siren at a local firehouse, which has been causing disturbances, particularly during night hours. The council considered potential solutions with the chief of the firehouse, weighing the balance between accommodating the resident’s requests and maintaining the necessary function of the siren.

In administrative matters, the council debated the potential of hiring additional staff for cleaning tasks, given the terms specified in the cleaning contract. Discussions around phase one of a significant construction project highlighted the forward momentum with foundational work and the erecting of retaining walls scheduled to commence in the third week of October. This discussion bled into the construction timeline of another project, where a generally optimistic outlook was maintained regarding the OSC review of an amended plan for the second phase commencing early next year.

Looking forward to the next year, the council discussed the calendar, considering the continued use of Zoom for meetings and maneuvering around potential conflicts with holidays and other obligations. The reorganization meeting was confirmed to be held on January 4th, coinciding with a regular meeting. The council also discussed participation in various events, with Ms. Rima detailing her engagements, and Mr. Ferguson thanking township employees and volunteers for their contributions. Towards the end, the members approved resolutions 352-23 through 359-23 unanimously and contemplated on old business, including the review of bidding plans for the installation of electric vehicle charging stations and the potential in-house garbage collection as the existing contract approached its end.

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