Mahwah Welcomes New Police Chief in Special Council Meeting

At a Mahwah Township council meeting held on Wednesday, long-time officer Timothy O’Hara was officially sworn in as the new Chief of Police. The moment was underscored by emotional speeches, humorous gift exchanges, and a ceremonious bagpipe serenade, filling the room with excitement and high expectations for the new chapter of law enforcement in the town.

Mayor Richard J Martel, visibly thrilled, stated, “This is such a big night… The biggest thank you is to you guys out there for what you do for our township.” He spoke of the incoming chief’s vision and the value he would bring to the residents and guests of Mahwah.

As bagpipes played, the room filled with applause, marking a significant transition in the town’s law enforcement. After taking his oath, Chief O’Hara’s remarks stirred the room, which was filled with family, friends, and colleagues. He spoke candidly about his upbringing in a blue-collar family, the impact of his parents’ work ethic, and his appreciation for his wife and children.

“My family is my rock,” O’Hara shared. “My wife Amy, my kids Connor, Kaylee, and Kira, they keep me humble. They keep me grounded. Without their love and support, I wouldn’t be here in front of you today.”

O’Hara also paid homage to his colleagues in the Mahwah Police Department, calling them his “second family,” and declaring his eagerness for the new chapter they would write together. He stated, “We only go forward together, unified in our purpose to serve and protect this community and its residents.”

In a humorous twist, the council president and the business administrator, with a lighthearted nod to the friendly rivalry between Mahwah and Ramsey, offered O’Hara, who lives in Ramsey, a special gift. Unwrapping his gift, the new chief discovered a Mahwah street sign, eliciting laughter and applause from the audience.

The meeting adjourned on a high note, with attendees invited to continue celebrations at the local wine grill. As the new chief himself said, the aim is to bring the Mahwah Police Department “back to where it should be, as one of the best law enforcement agencies in the state of New Jersey.”

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