Martin County Council Clashes Over Parking Lot Regulations

The Martin County Council meeting centered on a debate regarding the use of a vacant lot for parking vehicles, notably recreational vehicles (RVs), without a development order. Amidst a heated exchange, the council ultimately determined that the property owner had committed regulatory violations by using the vacant lot for parking purposes without the necessary permit, leading to a warning against repeating the violation and an order to pay related costs.

The central focus of the meeting was the case against Capital C Inc., involving the alleged improper use of vacant land for parking. The council entertained extensive evidence and testimony, including a presentation by the Growth Management Director, who served as an expert witness. The director’s testimony asserted that parking vehicles on vacant land requires a development order, which had not been granted for the property in question. The discussion further explored the definitions of parking lots and RV parks, emphasizing that the county’s land use regulations prohibit parking as an accessory use on vacant land without a primary use established.

During the proceedings, the council grappled with the respondent’s representation, Mr. Crowley, who challenged the expert witness’s interpretation of county ordinances. A particular point of contention arose from whether the parking activity on the lot supported any nearby land uses and whether it could be classified as a parking lot under the county’s definition. Mr. Crowley also brought up concerns about potential bias, questioning the Growth Management Director’s dual role as a witness and a representative of the county. Nevertheless, the council reaffirmed the director’s status as an expert witness, allowing him to provide opinion testimony.

The council member’s line of questioning revealed a lack of precedent for issuing a development order for a standalone parking lot within the county, citing only one instance of a temporary parking lot for a sales building. This led to further debate on whether such orders are necessary for parking cars and the county’s historical enforcement of similar code violations. The council member referred to records of citizen complaints about analogous parking issues and highlighted the ambiguity in the regulations concerning the need for a development order to park cars.

The property owner contested the council’s position, arguing that the county’s regulations on parking lots and the definition of an RV park were misapplied to their situation. They cited examples of other businesses using similar parking arrangements without repercussions. Despite their efforts, the property owner’s argument did not sway the council’s ruling against them. The council also discussed a motion to dismiss based on the lack of primary use, accessory use, and development order, which the defendant claimed was unjust due to the county’s alleged errors and political factors. However, the council denied the motion, stating political articles were irrelevant.

Furthermore, the property owner’s attempt to obtain a temporary parking permit was denied, and they expressed a desire to avoid the development order process as they had plans for future construction on the site. The property owner also noted that Ranger Construction had used the property without a development order, and the county later considered it a grass lot, further muddying the distinction between a parking lot and vacant land.

Another point of discussion was whether the property should be considered an RV park, with the debate centering on the absence of daily fees typically associated with such establishments. After a examination, the council ordered the property to cease operations as an RV park and to cover costs, while also striking down the related violation.

The meeting also addressed a separate case concerning reduced charges, where the council rejected most exhibits but considered alternative presentations of evidence. This case concluded with a respondent being found guilty of two violations and fined $575. A compliance investigator presented evidence related to a property with multiple RVs parked on it, leading to a notice of violation.

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Don Donaldson
County Council Officials:
Doug Smith, Stacey Hetherington, Harold Jenkins, Sarah Heard, Edward V. Ciampi, Don Donaldson (County Administrator)

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