Mayor Arroyo Announces Key Partnerships; Westwood Council Deliberates Major Resolutions

In a recent borough council meeting, Mayor Raymond Arroyo announced a partnership between Westwood and Hackensack Hospital North at Pascack Valley, a move met with community approval. This partnership was among several decisions and announcements made by the council during their session at the Municipal Complex.

The newly forged agreement with Hackensack Hospital North is expected to have ramifications for the borough’s health services. Councilmember Anthony Greco elaborated on the Ambulance Corps’ efforts to achieve a 100% response rate while preserving the borough’s volunteer status.

Another spotlight moment from the meeting was the approval of Resolution #23-262, focusing on the Westwood Volunteer Fire Department. With the adoption of this resolution, three new members were proudly inducted into the department.

Councilmember Beth Dell played a role in organizing an annual basketball tournament, while Council President Christopher Montana was acknowledged for the inauguration of a commemorative crosswalk. Additionally, a shoutout was given to Police Officer Danielle Neuberger, who undertook a 225-mile kayak trip, dubbed “Operation Deep Blue,” in memory of Army Sgt. David Salina, Jr.

In terms of borough infrastructure and beautification, Borough Administrator Ayer highlighted a tree-planting venture by New Jersey Transit, aiming to enhance privacy. The newly planted trees are anticipated to mature substantially in the years to come, offering both ecological and aesthetic benefits.

Addressing a local concern, Mayor Arroyo indicated that the newly paved lot would help in noise reduction, and an efficient retention basin had been established at the library parking lot. To further support local sports, the Westwood Baseball organization proposed funding for fencing for Field A in Westvale, reflecting the borough’s commitment to fostering recreational activities.

The council’s focus on financial and legislative matters was evident through the discussion of multiple ordinances. Among these, Ordinance #23-31, allocating $9,000 from the Borough’s General Capital Fund Surplus for window replacements at the Free Public Library, is slated for a public hearing on October 17. Another key ordinance, #23-30, establishing the 2023 payment structure for public officials and employees, smoothly passed its final reading without any public comment.

Deputy Clerk Jean-Marie Vadovic was entrusted with overseeing the impending November election. Meanwhile, the Community Development Block Grant for FY2023 and updates to the employee handbook and personnel policies were among other notable resolutions that received unanimous approval.

Finally, the meeting touched on various ongoing projects, as detailed in a memorandum from Stephen T. Boswell of Boswell Engineering. Notably, the Westvale Park (formerly Westwood Landfill) is undergoing checks for water levels in vent stacks, and methane monitoring is on the horizon. A forthcoming pistol range remediation project and design improvements to the Jake Voorhis Park basketball court were also discussed.

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