Mayor Vaccaro Appoints James Campbell Amid Council Reshuffles

In a recent gathering of the Moonachie Borough Council on July 26, 2023, Mayor Dennis Vaccaro ushered in a series of changes, including the appointment of James Campbell to the council. This selection followed the resignation of Kathy Kinsella and the Democratic Committee’s recommendation of three potential candidates.

Campbell, previously serving on the Board of Education for an impressive 27 years and holding a past presidency in the athletic association, was officially inducted with Mayor Vaccaro administering the Oath of Office. Terri Campbell assisted in the proceedings, holding the Bible during the swearing-in ceremony.

The council’s reshuffling didn’t stop with Campbell’s appointment. Antonio Cirillo took on the title of Council President, and John Wende received an appointment to the Police Committee. Campbell’s expertise was immediately put to use, with his assignment to a slew of committees including the Fire & First Aid Committee, Recreation Committee, Community Affairs, Civic Center & Public Information Committee, and a position as a Municipal Alliance Member.

The council’s focus also lay on the municipality’s financial future. A standout agenda item was the sale of $1,984,620 in Bond Anticipation Notes. Piper Sandler & Co emerged as the favored entity, offering a 4.5% interest rate, outshining Valley National Bank’s 5.680% proposal.

Additionally, the council deliberated over their 3-year capital program spanning from 2023 to 2025. With a combined project cost of $2,242,263, the plan encompasses general improvements, enhancements to Empire Blvd & the 2023 Road Program, upgrades to the Joseph St Park Tennis/Basketball Court, and the creation of the Burger King Stormwater Pump Station.

Several resolutions found approval, including contracts for repair work at the Burger King Pump Station, IT services, and appointments of various personnel for roles such as Ombudsman for the Mobile Home Parks and member of the Planning Board. The council also greenlit the capital budget for 2023, which underwent certain amendments.

Outside the realm of appointments and budgets, Mayor Vaccaro addressed the 2023 Salary Ordinance, suggesting a 5% increase in salary ranges to account for possible rate hikes. Furthermore, he highlighted the achievements of the Recycling Coordinator and prompted the council to revisit the previous year’s ordinance and salary resolution.

The council entered into a closed session to discuss matters of employment, appointments, and disciplinary actions. Post this session, the mayor revealed an agreement on the latest proposal sent to the DPW and spoke of ongoing dialogues with the PBA concerning contracts.

Concluding on a festive note, Mayor Vaccaro announced the dates for the Summer Recreation’s closing day and the Family Fun Day, and the council wished Antonio Cirillo a joyous birthday. The meeting wrapped up at 7:44 P.M.

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