Maywood Borough Council Heralds Community Successes, Plans Infrastructure Projects

In an eventful meeting teeming with community pride and strategic urban planning, the Maywood Borough Council deliberated on a plethora of topics, ranging from acknowledging community-led successes to major city improvement projects and significant administrative decisions. The council recognized the hard work of their citizens, local departments, and council members in driving successful events and city advancements.

The meeting commenced with recognition of the triumphant Maywood 5K run, which resumed after a hiatus of four years due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The event was lauded as a grand success, raising over $9,000 which was donated to the Safety Animals Rescue Team. Praise was given to key individuals and departments, including council president DeMuro, borough administrator Sir Fabray, and Lisa Shealy for their considerable assistance.

The engineer’s report disclosed the status of several city improvement projects. Notable amongst these were the Briarcliff Avenue Project, nearing completion thanks to a DOT grant, and the upcoming Plug-In Grant project aimed at installing electric vehicle charging stations. The council also touched upon the East Amron Avenue project, the 2023 Road Improvement Program, and the Memorial Park Improvements Project which would be awarded all alternate bids post-bid opening.

In addition to these updates, the council acknowledged the receipt of the New Jersey Local Recreation Improvement Grant, amounting to $75,000, set for delayed park improvements. They also discussed ongoing issues such as the need for a stop sign on H Street and a rodent problem near Briarcliff, agreeing to further investigate these matters.

The council advanced major strides in their budgeting and planning endeavors. A unanimous decision was reached to adopt Resolution 166-23, involving the 2023 budget minutes, and Resolution 167-23, which formally adopted the 2023 municipal budget. Plans for park construction and potential projects at Memorial Park were discussed, bolstered by the suggestion from Mr. Williams to prevent washouts during heavy rains through sodding.

Council members paid tribute to George Strager, a veteran fireman approaching his 100th birthday, with discussions of a proclamation in his honor. Also, they looked back at the borough’s participation in the Nuremberg Trials, recognizing the historical significance of their actions.

Updates from the Board of Health and the Recreation Committee included the successful Maywood Wellness Challenge and Summer Club plans. The council also noted the successful run of the community pool and discussed future events, demonstrating a proactive approach towards community engagement.

The council made significant administrative decisions, including accepting the resignations of Chris Tuttle and George Howell from the NYA and Undeemed Engine 18 fire company, respectively. They agreed to issue an outdoor dining permit to Bacon Bagels and decided to provide clothing allowances to active military duty fire department members. The council also planned to celebrate George Stager’s birthday as “George Stager Day” and contemplated the installation of chess tables for an Eagle Scout project.

In the same vein, the council debated on a proposal to allow only licensed medical and cosmetic tattooing, which was largely favored. The borough attorney explained the need to modify current land use ordinances, especially in light of state law changes surrounding the legalization of cannabis. Following these discussions, the council moved forward with several resolutions and introduced two new ordinances regarding land use and tattoo businesses.

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