Maywood Council Greenlights Infrastructure Projects, Debates Security and IT Services

In its recent meeting, the Maywood Borough Council made significant decisions on a variety of fronts, from prioritizing infrastructural projects funded by local and federal grants to grappling with rising IT costs. Council members also engaged in debates over security measures for Memorial Court and raised concerns about poor planning by utility companies.

The most pressing subject was the Fairmont Avenue Department of Transportation project, funded at $157,970, which has entered the concrete improvement stage. Similarly, council members discussed the Maywood Swim Club decking project allocated $144,447 and an additional $123,747 received from Bergen County.

Alongside these projects, there was frustration with utility companies for their perceived poor planning, especially when working on freshly paved roads. One council members stated, “I think we do need to hold the utility’s feet to the fire,” hinting at a push for stricter regulations.

The discussion also touched on safety measures for Memorial Court. While the proposal to secure the area with a six-foot fence was met with varying opinions, the council did agree that a quotation for the fence should be obtained before a decision could be made. The cost to rent a fence for six months was pegged at “a little under $25,000,” bringing the cost-effectiveness of owning versus renting into focus.

The council also scrutinized increasing IT expenses. The current provider, All Covered, proposed a monthly fee of $3,165 for borough services, and potentially an additional $2,772 for the Police Department. In contrast, Dart Computer Services offered an annual quote of $24,000 for similar services. Council members appeared inclined to switch to Dart, citing not just the cost but also the potential for more personalized service.

The council recognized successful community events and celebrated local achievements, including acknowledging the contributions of George Stater, a local resident who served in the military and fire service.

Further down the agenda there was a discussion about an agreement with Burbank East LLC regarding a multi-dwelling property. The council noted that the developer had agreed to most conditions set to maintain residents’ quality of life, even committing to providing some emergency equipment to the police department.

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