Maywood School Board Greenlights Key Investments, Anticipates Major Curriculum Update

In a marathon session of the Maywood Board of Education on May 31, 2023, overseen by President Taylor, important decisions were made on a host of matters from school safety to teacher hires. The most newsworthy items centered around the approval of significant fiscal investments for the improvement of school infrastructure, an anticipated change in the science curriculum, and a wave of staff resignations and appointments.

One of the most noteworthy decisions from the meeting was the allocation of nearly $2.5 million for architectural and engineering services for Referendum projects: an upgraded fire alarm system, and a roofing contract for Maywood Avenue School. Notably, the roofing contract was awarded to Weathertite Solutions for $957,000 after a bid from Marshall LLC was rejected due to their lack of prequalification and the absence of identified qualified subcontractors.

Meanwhile, the Curriculum Committee piqued interest by announcing an impending introduction of a new science curriculum, approved by the county, to be presented at the next meeting.

The Personnel Committee brought forward numerous staff changes, most strikingly the resignations of six staff members including Audra Palsi, Sheila Rosa, Judith Friedman, Noha Sadany, Heather Kuehnle, and Ashley Misciagna, effective June 30, 2023. However, the district was quick to refill some positions, approving the appointments of Camryn Eisenberg and Robert Burke as teachers, and Alejandra Rodas as a bus driver for the 2023-2024 school year. Notably, all these appointments are contingent on the settlement of the MEA contract.

In other significant news, the Superintendent, Mr. Jordan, confirmed the school’s participation in Becton’s student internship program with an anticipated seven students to be hosted this year. He also celebrated the successful submission of the school security grant application and the completion of NJSLA testing.

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