Montvale Council Acquires $10M in Assets for Public Use

The Montvale Borough Council met recently, and in a significant move that promises a range of potential community benefits, it authorized the acquisition of approximately 28 acres of land, valued at around $10 million, known as 53 Craig Road and portions of Summit Avenue.

The decision was reached in a public hearing regarding ordinance number 2023-1536, which was widely supported by the community. “This initiative is something we can all stand behind,” expressed resident Carol Yanons during the public commentary.

The acquired property will allow the borough to improve and expand public services and infrastructure, contributing to the betterment of Montvale. The council has yet to release specific plans for the use of the new land but promised forthcoming announcements.

During the same session, the council proclaimed May 17, 2023, as World Neurofibromatosis Awareness Day, recognizing an estimated two million people living with the condition. The council commended the Children’s Tumor Foundation for its efforts in promoting medical research towards finding effective treatments and a cure for Neurofibromatosis.

In another significant move, resident Carol Lee Adams voiced concerns about resolution number 118-2023, a partisan bill sponsored solely by Republicans. She implored the council to muster support from Democrats to ensure the bill’s passage and effectively address overdevelopment.

Furthermore, the council introduced ordinance number 2023-1538, which proposes changes to the salary structure for certain borough employees for the year 2023. The public hearing for this ordinance is scheduled for May 30, 2023.

The meeting also addressed local issues, including an update from the Montvale Police Department on their activities and emphasis on continuous training. The Fleming Steakhouse secured its use permit as part of a 12-year project, and the renovation of the Reading Garden was completed, with several summer programs planned.

The council also announced a town hall meeting for senior citizens at the senior center on Memorial Drive and shared updates on upcoming events, including a Pride event on June 3rd, a Chamber of Commerce Street Fair on June 11th, and a Memorial Day celebration.

In a distressing account, resident Stell Markowitz expressed her concerns over ongoing property damage due to construction activities on what she claimed were wetlands. The council responded by committing to a prompt investigation led by engineer Mr. Heplet.

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