Moonachie Borough Council Reviews Major Bond Ordinances; Rejects Lowest Bid for Curbside Recycling

In a recent assembly of the Moonachie Borough Council, presided over by Mayor Dennis Vaccaro, significant financial decisions took center stage. Notably, the introduction of multiple bond ordinances addressing improvements across various county departments dominated the agenda. Additionally, the Council grappled with a contentious decision regarding bids for Curbside Collection Recycling, ultimately leaning toward a higher bid after considering the adequacy of the proposals.

At the forefront, the Bergen County Board of Commissioners presented several bond ordinances. These bonds encompass a broad spectrum, with Public Works taking the lion’s share with enhancements proposed at $41,818,035. This is closely followed by a considerable allocation for Parks & Golf improvements, which stands at $45,454,500. Other significant bond ordinances targeted Public Safety improvements ($3,629,278), Planning and Engineering improvements ($15,122,162), and Community College Capital improvements ($701,950). The Planning and Engineering project notably expects a grant infusion of $2,787,590 from the NJDOT. In tandem with these bonds, additional upgrades were proposed for departments such as the Sheriff’s office, Prosecutor’s Office, and Election Board, among others.

In a surprising twist, the council, after reviewing bids for the Curbside Collection Recycling from three different companies, seemed to lean away from the lowest bid. Filco Carting Corp, having submitted the least expensive proposal, faced criticism from Attorney F. Migliorino who recommended its rejection based on its inadequacy. This has paved the way for the second lowest bidder, Joseph Smentkowski, Inc., to potentially secure the contract with a three-year proposal valued at $77,740 annually.

Furthermore, the council addressed an unexpected change order for Smith-Sondy Asphalt Const. Co. Inc. due to storm drain damage. This resulted in a notable increment to the contract for the Reconstruction of Grand Street, adjusting the total to $327,012.70. The decision garnered unanimous support from the present council members, including Robert Bauer, Antonio Cirillo, Manuel Martinez, and Karen Surak.

Apart from the capital projects and bids, the council embarked on a rigorous session of bill approvals, which painted a vivid picture of the borough’s financial obligations. Key transactions included a substantial payment directed to the BOARD OF EDUCATION, amounting to $808,423.91. Another significant outlay was recorded for JOSEPH SMENTKOWSKI with two separate payments. Amidst this, a few transactions, especially ones directed to VERIZON, PSE&G COMPANY, and PRO-TECH AUTOCENTER, were marked as VOID. Notably, the CHECK TRUST ESCROW ACCOUNT saw several transactions, with BOSWELL ENGINEERING receiving multiple payments, spotlighting their active engagement with the borough’s projects.

Concluding the meeting, the council turned its attention to a slew of resolutions that spanned various administrative and operational spheres. These ranged from an annual maintenance agreement with Idemia for the Police Department’s LiveScan Fingerprint System to the issuance of 2024 Recycling Calendars for residents. Moreover, acknowledging the essential service of the community, the council confirmed the appointment of Georgianne Regus as a Crossing Guard.

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