Moonachie Council Approves Infrastructure Upgrades; Announces Plans for Utility Bill Audit

In the most recent meeting of the Moonachie Borough Council, a number of crucial decisions were taken that will shape the future of the borough’s infrastructure and economy. Two significant appropriations were authorized for improvements to Empire Boulevard and the Joseph Street Park Tennis and Basketball Court.

The largest financial commitment comes from the passage of Ordinance #2023-3, appropriating $805,000 for improvements to Empire Boulevard and the 2023 Road Improvement Program. Alongside, Ordinance #2023-4 greenlit $187,263 for refurbishing the Joseph Street Park’s Tennis and Basketball courts.

In addition to the infrastructure upgrades, Moonachie Borough also revealed plans for a utility bill audit. The Council received two proposals for auditing services, one from Troy & Banks, Inc. and another from George A. Koteen Associates, Inc. The auditing process would entail the examination of utility costs to identify possible savings or refunds. Mayor Vaccaro expressed the need for further discussion before deciding on the most suitable offer.

Moonachie Borough is also considering a countywide Fire Mutual Aid Agreement, which Mayor Vaccaro asked the governing body to review. This agreement, already in place in other counties, could provide an extra layer of security and efficiency in times of crisis.

As part of the council’s efforts to honor local students, Mayor Vaccaro brought up the idea of hanging banners of graduating Moonachie residents. This initiative, following Wood-Ridge High School’s example, would involve sharing costs with the local school board and could extend to other seasons and holidays throughout the year.

Lastly, the Mayor Vaccaro indicated that the borough’s 2023 budget is set to increase by 1.5%, roughly translating to a $55 per household increase. The final budget will be introduced at the next meeting.

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