New Cadet Welcomed, Prostate Cancer Awareness Declared, and Community Initiatives Discussed at Palisades Park Borough Council Meeting

In a recent Park Ridge Borough Council meeting, new cadet firefighter Jack Cauley was warmly welcomed, and September was declared Prostate Cancer Awareness Month. The meeting was characterized by detailed discussions on community involvement, local events, service improvements, and several administrative matters. Several council members and Mayor Keith Misciagna addressed a wide array of topics, including air traffic noise pollution, community policing, library services, potential dog ordinances, and upcoming community events.

At the meeting’s commencement, Jack Cauley was sworn into the Park Ridge Volunteer Fire Department fire reserve program. Mayor Misciagna praised the department and emphasized the essential role of volunteers, remarking that they are the “backbone of this community.” Jack’s induction was followed by a proclamation declaring September as Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, highlighting alarming statistics and stressing the importance of early detection. The Mayor also expressed a hope to make this awareness a yearly custom.

Following these ceremonies, a significant agenda change included the addition of resolution 023-280, which was approved. This resolution led to discussions on petitioning the FAA to make the Route 17 approach the preferred route, aiming to relieve residents from noise pollution caused by aircraft. The council encouraged public involvement in discussions with the FAA, which was re-evaluating its definition of noise pollution by aircraft.

Council members also highlighted several community events and initiatives. Councilman Gregory Hoffman reported on the success of recent events like the end-of-summer fireworks and the DARE program’s back-to-school night. He mentioned upcoming events, including Oktoberfest at the Elks Lodge and a crab boil at Depot Square. John Ferguson acknowledged the commencement of the 2023 Road Improvements Program and congratulated Jack Tully, while John M. Cozzi discussed updates on library services and the ongoing replacement of utility meters and poles.

Bruce Goldsmith provided an update on a potential dog ordinance, and Council President William Fenwick announced the approval of a grant aimed at improving the town’s train station, a project several years in the making. Fenwick also emphasized mutual aid between fire departments and informed the council about the expansion of the road paving program.

Finally, Mayor Misciagna reflected on community policing and the importance of community involvement, particularly praising young volunteers like Jack Cauley. He called for patience regarding ongoing paving and highlighted the significance of donations to the food pantry.

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