New Milford Borough Council Approves Fire Department Additions, Main Street Improvement

In a recently convened meeting, the New Milford Borough Council cast light on an array of key civic issues, including volunteer firefighter appointments, Main Street improvements, and a robust debate over the Department of Public Works’ logo.

In a unanimous move, the council endorsed the appointment of three volunteers to the borough’s fire department: Timothy J. Horner, Leonardo Alvarez, and Zachary B. Tafaro. The fresh infusion of talent is expected to bolster the team’s readiness and capacity.

The council also introduced ordinance 2023-25, aiming to upgrade Main Street with a proposed allocation of $505,000. “The purpose of this ordinance is to appropriate funds from the state grant from the New Jersey Department of Transportation and our own Capital Improvement fund for the borough improvements to Main Street,” explained a council member.

The council engaged in a lively debate concerning the proposed new logo for the Department of Public Works. Many members expressed concerns about the design’s use of the American flag in black, white, and orange, leading to a consensus that the design should instead feature the traditional orange and black bars.

One of the meeting’s critical moments was a contentious discussion over a legal document concerning commercial parking and storage on public streets. Members were split over the document’s lack of clear distinction between “parking” and “storage.” This discussion ended with the decision to revisit the issue at a later date, recognizing the urgent need to address the town’s parking issues.

The Fire Department also proposed holding a Fire Awareness Day on October 8th, which met with positive reception from the council members. The event, promising a higher visibility, has been relocated to the new municipal parking lot.

The council also celebrated the 100th birthday of a local resident and commended the local recreation department for their initiatives. An homage was paid to Zoe Comanos, a young girl from the community who passed away prematurely, with a tree dedicated in her honor.

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