New Milford Borough Council Approves Key Ordinances and Embraces Innovative Recycling Program

The recent New Milford Borough Council meeting saw the adoption of several ordinances and the enthusiastic endorsement of an innovative recycling program. Driven by local Girl Scout candidate Lily Forward and the Green Team, the program aims to turn various plastic materials into practical items, while also promoting a culture of recycling and sustainability within the community.

The meeting kicked off with Mayor Michael Putrino explaining the purpose of the Council and its commitment to providing essential services under revenue constraints. The Council approved the minutes from the October 11th meeting and several ordinances. Notably, an ordinance was passed to allocate $50,000 from the capital improvement fund for a new police department utility vehicle. Another ordinance extended the waiting period for promotions within the police department to match civil service departments, and a third repealed a section of the local ordinances inconsistent with the updated State version of the Elections Transparency Act.

One highlight of the meeting was the introduction of an innovative recycling program by Miss Lily Forward, a Gold Award candidate, and members of the Green Team. They proposed a pilot program to collect enough plastic within nine months to transform it into a bench for the community, partnering with a company called TX. The goal is not merely to recycle but to foster sustainable habits within the community. Council members expressed their support for the program, with suggestions like QR codes on collection calendars and in new homeowner bags to help inform and engage residents.

Council President Randi Duffie and Councilmembers Hedy Grant, Ira Grotsky, Lisa Sandhusen, Matthew Seymour, and Thea Sirocchi-Hurley all contributed to updates on various topics. These updates ranged from fire department activities and health department initiatives to upcoming library events and police department staffing. The council also discussed the borough’s performance on the best practices inventory, which evaluated compliance with various laws and fiscal practices. The borough scored well, with council members expressing satisfaction with the results.

Events on the horizon for New Milford include the Milford Lantern tour, a fundraiser for the Darren Drake foundation, and the annual Veterans Day service. The council also highlighted upcoming road projects, including the installation of lighting at the Prospect Park basketball court and resurfacing work on Breel Road.

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