New Milford Borough Council Greenlights Main Street Project and New Ordinances, Discusses ShopRite Community Event

In a move to modernize its municipality, the New Milford Borough Council unanimously adopted several new ordinances while allocating an additional $90,750 for the Main Street Improvement Project from the borough’s Capital Improvement Fund. Meanwhile, plans for a community event organized by ShopRite took center stage, sparking discussions over logistics and suitability. The council also discussed county paving programs, community engagement events, and various administrative updates.

The council unanimously approved a series of new ordinances. Among them, Ordinance 2023-26 brings the local fire department’s membership qualifications in line with those of the New Jersey State Firemen’s Association. Ordinance 2023-27 aims to limit parking by certain commercial motor vehicle establishments, while Ordinance 2023-28 revises towing and storage fees.

Plans for an upcoming community event organized by ShopRite commanded significant attention during the meeting. The event would feature booths, games, food trucks, a live band, a DJ, a 50-50 raffle, and controversially, pony rides. Glenn Park, an associate of ShopRite, assured the council that the pony rides would be relegated to “walks” and could be conducted on the asphalt parking lot to alleviate concerns about field damage. Park also stated that the event could build corporate relations and community engagement, with proceeds directed to fight hunger through local food banks. Council members were generally supportive but noted that the event would still need to meet insurance requirements.

The Main Street Improvement Project, part of the borough’s long-term vision, also received a boost. The council introduced Capital Ordinance 2023-34 without debate, allocating an additional $90,750 for the project. “This significant investment reflects our commitment to the future of our community,” Council President Randi Duffie remarked.

On the financial front, the council also deliberated about the design expenses for a county road payment program. With design costs estimated at $16,200 and a reimbursement rate from the county covering only a quarter of the expenses, the council faces fiscal challenges ahead.

Councilwoman Hedy Grant reported her participation in a flood awareness Town Hall and announced two forthcoming symposiums focusing on mental health and domestic violence awareness. “We have a responsibility to tackle these pressing issues head-on,” she noted. Likewise, Council President Duffie provided updates on the fire department’s activities, stressing a forthcoming event aimed at community engagement and recruiting volunteers.

Amidst these updates, council members also discussed a variety of upcoming community events, including the annual fishing derby, domestic violence awareness programs, and the Northern New Jersey Walk for Apraxia. Several of these events will unfold in September and October, covering aspects from public health to cultural enrichment.

Administratively, New Milford is transitioning from Swift 911 to RAID for its emergency notification system and has submitted a claim for unclaimed property amounting to $4,869.12. Multiple ongoing engineering projects, including road improvements and basketball court lighting, were also addressed.

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