New Milford Council Advances Water Integrity and Community Development in Unity-Focused Meeting

In a recent New Milford Borough Council meeting that encompassed reflections on national tragedy and deliberations on local civic projects, Mayor Michael Putrino steered discussions toward fostering unity and remembrance, while the councilmembers navigated through substantial ordinance amendments and vibrant community initiatives.

Mayor Putrino initiated the session with a tribute to the victims and heroes of the 9/11 attacks, urging the community to honor them through various forms of remembrance, underlining the ethos of “never forget”.

Central to the council’s discourse were the amendments to several ordinances that were laid out for final reading and adoption. The council passed an ordinance steering a reformative course towards maintaining water integrity in New Jersey by mitigating the adverse effects of stormwater runoff. Subsequent unanimous approvals of ordinances related to regulations against metal detecting on public property and the repealing of a section preempted by state statute pertaining to underage drinking.

The council further resolved to introduce new stop intersections at varied locales as dictated by a traffic consultant’s recommendations, a move envisioned to streamline traffic and enhance safety. The consensus was further mirrored in the endorsement of additional appropriations amounting to $90,750 for the Main Street Improvement project, underscoring the borough’s dedication to urban development and revitalization.

Taking a pivot from infrastructural discourse, the council enthused over a collaborative project with Arts Bergen, wherein the borough would be adorned with artistically designed benches, blending aesthetics with functionality. Councilmember Hedy Grant led a detailed discussion on the plaque designs, oscillating between choices of Braille and text inclusivity and deliberating on budget nuances.

Later, the council deliberated on community events charted for September and early October. From senior festivals to health and recovery symposiums, the calendar was dotted with events catering to various age groups and interests.

The session also earmarked significant discussions on health imperatives, emphasizing the flu shots drive at the New Milford Senior Center.

Drawing to a close with a conscious acknowledgment of public participation, the council opened the floor for public commentary, moving eventually to adopt resolutions spanning from 2023:211 to 2023:217.

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