New Milford School Board Addresses Domestic Violence Prevention

In a recent meeting, the New Milford School Board discussed an upcoming domestic violence symposium, focusing on prevention strategies and education on avoiding harmful relationships. The board also acknowledged the contributions of the New Milford Women’s Club and announced the upcoming fall Spirit Week and homecoming dance, themed “Great Gatsby Roaring 20s”.

The board recieved updates on the district’s fifth annual domestic violence symposium, scheduled to be held at New Milford High School. The symposium, a collaborative effort between the school board and community partners, aims to address risk factors and prevention strategies related to domestic violence.

This year, the focus of the symposium is shifting towards prevention, aiming to educate students and community members on how to avoid entering harmful relationships in the first place. The board welcomed Laura Melendez from Bergen County Alternatives to Domestic Violence, who expressed her gratitude for the community partnership and emphasized the importance of addressing this critical issue.

“We know that one in three teens will experience some form of [domestic violence] at some point in their lifetime, and only one out of those three will know what to do about it,” Melendez shared.

The symposium is not only open to public attendance but will also be live-streamed, ensuring accessibility for those who wish to learn about the resources and services available to help victims and their families. The initiative received commendation and support from the board members.

The meeting also shed light on the contributions of the New Milford Women’s Club. Superintendent Danielle Shanley expressed her gratitude towards the club for their continuous support and advocacy for women and young people. The Women’s Club, a local chapter of a national and international organization, has supported students through scholarships and participation in various fundraisers.

“I was a little embarrassed that I didn’t know all that the Women’s Club in Milford does. It’s really a wonderful organization,” Shanley stated, highlighting the club’s impact on the community and its role in the establishment of libraries across the United States.

The studet board representative announced the upcoming fall Spirit Week and homecoming dance. The theme for the homecoming will be the Great Gatsby Roaring 20s.

The meeting concluded with board members expressing their eagerness for the upcoming events. The next meeting of the New Milford School Board is scheduled for October 17th.

The meeting, led by President Heather Gomez, saw board members Nicole Dunne, Anthony Albro, Cheryll Calderon, John DaCosta, Stephanie Kauffunger, Andrew Lombardi, Joseph Loonam, Paige Ryan, and McKenzie Forte in attendance, along with Superintendent Danielle Shanley.

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