North Arlington Board of Education Advances Personnel Changes and Strategic Collaborations

In a session that spanned across working and public meetings, the North Arlington Board of Education convened on July 17, 2023, to delineate the roadmap for the 2023-2024 academic year, casting a spotlight on personnel appointments and curricular enhancements.

During the working session, Superintendent Dr. Stephen Yurchak discussed the calendar for the impending school year and suggested revisions to suit evening events.

Robert Dorsett, one of the board members, vocalized the insights from the uniform committee, pinpointing a debate on the appropriateness of crocs as footwear for young learners.

The session also included a discussion on different approaches to pedagogy, channeling feedback from standardized test results to fine-tune teaching strategies.

Later in the public meeting, a significant fraction of the discourse covered a wave of appointments and resignations for the approaching term. Many roles, ranging from paraprofessionals and substitute teachers to specialist educators, were filled in a series of unanimous approvals.

Strides were made in improving the infrastructural fabric of the educational institution. A nod was given to the refurbishment of the “RIP” Collins field house flooring, entrusted to U.S. Carpet Co., Inc. The board also green-lit a asbestos management plan steered by T&M Associates.

The board sanctioned a sports initiative, spawning a lacrosse collaboration between Lyndhurst and North Arlington High Schools for two consecutive academic years.

The session included an endorsement of a cooperative education program for homeless children and a flexible remote instruction plan for emergencies.

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