Northern Highlands School Board Greenlights Education Reforms Amid Budget Approvals

In a recent meeting of the Northern Highlands Regional High School Board of Education, officials gave the green light for numerous education reforms and updates for the 2023-2024 academic year, along with the approval of the year’s financials. The sweeping changes touch upon important areas such as special education, curriculum, school facilities, and staff appointments.

Dr. Scot Beckerman, the Superintendent of the Board, presented the Special Education Local District Profile for the 2021-2022 academic year, marking a significant part of the meeting. However, further details about the report’s specifics were not disclosed.

The school’s field quotes and drainage issues are now out for bid until June 21, following an update from Dr. Beckerman. He also mentioned a setback regarding the reflection garden project, with vendors backing out. The Board is considering hiring Daskal for the task.

In staff and faculty news, the Board approved a change of title for John McAdams, from Computer Technician to Systems Technician, accompanied by a salary bump. Furthermore, the appointment of Rachel Maietta as a School Psychologist, on a leave replacement basis, was also approved.

Another key feature was the approval of special education student services and placements for the 2023-2024 school year, which includes home instruction provisions, and placements in East Mountain School and Y.A.L.E School Southeast.

The Board also approved the continuation of athletic competitions in various sports such as cross country, field hockey, football, and more, for the upcoming academic year. The meeting highlighted the approval of co-curricular assignments, athletic assignments, and a calendar of events for the same period.

Lastly, Dr. Beckerman reported the denial of a grant application for an electric bus, though other applications are in the pipeline.

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