Northvale Approves $105,000 Bond Ordinance Amidst Hogan’s Concerns

In a recent meeting, Northvale Borough Council approved a bond ordinance for $105,000 aimed at acquiring new equipment for various departments, despite reservations from Councilman Hogan regarding the issuance of two bond ordinances in one fiscal year. Among other proceedings, discussions also delved into a new police salary structure, amendments to vehicular traffic regulations, and significant renovations and improvements within the borough.

The bond ordinance, labeled as #1074-2023, primarily targets the acquisition of vital equipment for the Fire Department, such as ventilation fans, fire hoses, and protective gear. The Building Department is slated to get new office equipment, while a series of borough departments will see upgraded computer systems. While the total expenditure proposed stands at $105,000, the plan includes issuing bonds not exceeding $100,000, supplemented by a $5,000 down payment from previously allocated funds. Despite the strategic financial breakdown, Councilman Hogan expressed discomfort with the borough issuing two bond ordinances in the same fiscal year. Nevertheless, the majority of the council voted in favor of the ordinance.

On the law enforcement front, Ordinance #1072-2023 was introduced, focusing on establishing the salaries, wages, and compensation for Northvale’s police employees for the upcoming year. This detailed ordinance includes a breakdown of salaries based on rank and hiring date, provisions for overtime rates, a lump sum compensation for thirteen holidays, and an innovative educational incentive for officers pursuing a Police Science Degree.

In a bid to regulate traffic, Ordinance #1073-2023 proposed amendments to Chapter 186 “VEHICLES AND TRAFFIC” of Northvale’s Borough Code. The most notable change restricts parking on Walnut Street’s west side on Sundays and Holidays from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., covering the stretch between Rockland Avenue and Legrand Avenue.

Adding to the town’s development, significant renovations at the Library have been completed under the oversight of Councilman Sokoloski, as acknowledged by Councilman Argiro. The James F. McGuire Senior Center is on the path of improvement with plans to enhance ADA compliance through the installation of automatic door openers, new doors, bathroom fixtures, and electrical systems, funded in part by a $65,000 grant. The center will also see the installation of ADA doors, with the bidding process for this initiative set to begin shortly.

Council President McMorrow touched upon the reopening of the Preschool, the Police Department’s recent switch from SwiftReach to RAVE SMART-911, and the approval of FEMA expenses amounting to approximately $39,000. Council members also highlighted various departmental activities, grants, and upcoming events.

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