Norwood Council Approves Key Community Initiatives; Highlights Include Off-Road Vehicle Donation, Drainage Improvements

In a recent assembly reflecting proactive community governance, the Norwood Borough Council convened to discuss and make important decisions on various community matters. Held on June 14, 2023, the meeting, presided over by Mayor Robert A. Narcavage, tackled a wide array of issues, including key topics such as the Fire Department Off-Road Vehicle donation, approval for Drainage Improvements, and concerns about speeding on South Street. The session also witnessed a strong endorsement of resolutions on summer camp fee refunds and the amendment of the Employee Handbook.

Mayor Narcavage commenced the meeting by acknowledging recent achievements, such as the victory of local 4th graders in the USSSA Softball New Jersey State Championship, and announced future events including Independence Day fireworks and townwide shredding event.

In a significant development, Councilman Anthony Foschino announced a grant award of $20,000 from CSX for the purchase of a used UTV. The Fire Department wishes to donate the vehicle to the Borough, with an agreement to cover maintenance costs. The donation received unanimous approval from the Council Members.

Additionally, the council addressed the matter of the Bergen County Fire Mutual Aid Agreement. Emphasized by Mr. Padovano, the agreement ensures the Norwood Fire Department’s response to calls outside Norwood. The council approved this agreement, demonstrating commitment to regional collaboration.

The issue of speeding on South Street was brought up by Mayor Narcavage. With multiple resident complaints, the council discussed possible solutions, including a speed hump and the use of a portable digital sign. Councilman Foschino also suggested deploying a police car as a deterrent.

Further, the Employee Handbook Changes were discussed, with Councilman Joseph Ascolese recommending a set number of holidays for employees to prevent confusion. Although employees expressed desire to retain current holidays, the Council approved the changes unanimously.

The meeting also saw the approval of a candidate for the Municipal Court Violations Bureau position at a rate of $25.00 per hour. Other subjects of interest included Mr. Neglia’s reports on the costs for Drainage Improvements on 15th Street, Meadow Lane, and Millbrook Circle, and the timeline for playground construction at Kennedy Field.

Councilman Thomas Brizzolara voiced concerns over the scheduling conflict between school and summer camp that led to Resolution 2023:111, requesting better coordination from the school in the future.

Acknowledgment of community services, like a successful cleanup event, EMS vehicle updates by Councilman Edward Condoleo, and the thriving community garden reported by Council President Annie Hausmann, added further substance to the meeting’s proceedings.

Councilman BJ Kim raised a concern about the library’s HVAC unit needing replacement, and Councilman Foschino praised DPW employees and highlighted the need to purchase new pickup trucks for the department, a motion that was also unanimously approved.

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