Norwood Council Unveils Ambitious Playground Renovation Plans

In a recent public meeting, the Norwood Borough Council highlighted its plans to renovate Kennedy Playground with a focus on ADA-compliance. Two distinct design versions were presented, with an aim to modernize the playground and make it accessible to everyone. The renovated playground, set to be larger than the existing one, promises to be a significant addition to the borough’s community spaces.

The proposed renovation, detailed by Michael Neglia, includes replacing all playground equipment while retaining the area’s mature trees. Neglia unveiled two ADA-compliant designs. One features wood chip flooring, projected to need maintenance every 4-5 years, and the other showcases a more durable poured rubber matting that could last 7-10 years. The choice between the two would be determined after bids for the project are received. Among other features, the gate location will be repositioned for improved accessibility, and the site’s drainage issues will be addressed.

Mayor Robert A. Narcavage clarified the impetus behind the renovation: the existing playground isn’t in line with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and its equipment has become outdated. To ensure best value and quality, Neglia Engineering has been tasked with bidding out the project. A potential expenditure of $22,526, from a previous road project, was noted by Mike Neglia, which would influence the proposal’s contingency.

The Environmental Commission Community garden was another focal point. Council President Annie Hausmann updated attendees on its ongoing activities, including a forthcoming community picnic and the ongoing search for a new alternate member.

In discussions on the Community Center Refurbishment, a proposal was put forth to transfer $10,000 from the main capital account for public building enhancements to the community center’s improvement line. Mayor Barsa, with Councilman Edward Condoleo, will further explore methods to obtain the needed funds.

Councilman Anthony Foschino emphasized local sports’ importance, revealing that the Northern Valley Adult Softball League, which has Norwood residents on all teams, had been charged for using the Kenned Field. A motion was passed to waive the league’s fees. He also underscored environmental initiatives, like introducing shade trees and addressing flooding issues in the borough.

Additionally, Mayor Barsa’s opening address celebrated Norwood’s achievements, like winning at the 10th Annual Chodae Church Charity Golf Outing and Northern Valley Old Tappan High School’s top ranking in Bergen County. He also reminded the community about the upcoming Norwood Day festivities.

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