Norwood School Board Discusses Curriculum Revisions

In a meeting on June 6, 2023, the Norwood School Board enacted a series of measures designed to enhance the learning experience for students, improve school infrastructure, and provide more robust support services. Held under the leadership of Board President, Mrs. Heather Garcia, the meeting presented numerous unanimous decisions that underline the board’s commitment to bolstering education standards in the Norwood Public School system.

Board members, trustees, and several community members in attendance witnessed the board’s active decision-making on a multitude of issues spanning the administrative, personnel, curriculum, and financial domains. Significant among these was the board’s approval of a Comprehensive Equity Plan Statement of Assurance for the 2023-24 school year, as well as the submission of the ARP Safe Return Plan for the same period, ensuring safe and equitable learning environments for all students.

The board also held a first reading for several policy and regulation updates, which included a broad spectrum of topics like board officers’ responsibilities, employment contracts, military leave, and the protocol for administering opioid antidotes in the school environment.

In the personnel sphere, several key decisions were made. Notable ones included the approval of maternity leave for an employee, and the hiring of Ann Hong as School Secretary for the 2023-2024 school year. The board also showed its commitment to language diversity by appointing Kyoungja Lyu as a World Language K-8 Korean Teacher for the coming school year.

Curricular enhancements were a focus of the meeting, with the approval of courses like “All Eyes on the IEP: Documenting and Goal Setting for Related Service Providers” and “Health, Wealth, and Fitness: A New Look”. These efforts highlight the board’s endeavor to provide a varied and up-to-date learning experience for students.

Financial matters were also addressed with the approval of several key resolutions including monthly disbursements, budget transfers, and financial reports. To support digital transition and management, an agreement with Computer Solutions Inc. for the use of Budget/Accounting and Personnel Software Systems for the 2023-2024 school year was approved. The meeting also saw the approval of an out-of-district placement for a special education student at the Reed Academy.

Adding to the financial matters, the board also agreed to hire Lupardi’s Nursery Inc. for temporary general lawn cutting/maintenance services after the previous contractor went out of business. It also awarded a substantial contract for Door and Lock Replacements at the Norwood Public School to C&M Door Controls, Inc., the lowest bidder at $235,400.00.

To foster community integration and monetize unused space, the board approved an Agreement with the Smarter Learning Center, Inc., to lease building space and an outdoor field for a summer period. In a gesture supporting the professional development of its members, Trustee Wilson congratulated President Garcia and Trustee Sprague for receiving NJSBA & BCSBA certifications.

The meeting ended with a public comment from Nicole Hill, the NEA President, shedding light on the history of Scholarship accounts.

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