Norwood Streamlines Inspection Process, Plans Community Initiatives Amidst Denied Grants

In the recent assembly of the Norwood Borough Council, a significant part of the meeting was led by Council President Hausmann, detailing the various initiatives by the council in improving the borough’s infrastructure and communal services. However, the borough’s efforts faced a setback with the denial of three key grants intended for crucial infrastructure improvements.

Hausmann presented the Board of Health’s initiative to optimize the CO inspection process for new restaurants and food service businesses. The proposal involves creating a comprehensive checklist that must be completed prior to the final inspection, thereby streamlining the process and ensuring a more efficient and thorough assessment.

The Council also acknowledged the community-oriented activities undertaken by the Valley Program, which is cultivating peppers, basil, tomatoes, and flowers for the community garden. The Environmental Commission was mentioned, with its focus on an upcoming meeting regarding the proposed tree ordinance.

Despite these promising community-focused initiatives, Hausmann shared disheartening news of the denial of three grants applied by the borough. These grants were meant for improvements on 15th Street, Millbrook Circle, and the crosswalk at Piermont Road, posing challenges for the borough’s infrastructural development plans. The council is arranging a meeting with the grant writer to formulate strategies for securing relevant grants in the future.

On a more optimistic note, Hausmann also announced the ongoing plans for EV charging stations, with three quotes available and the possibility of receiving grants for the project.

Additionally, safety issues were also addressed. Councilman Foschino raised concerns about the hazardous condition of the guardrail on Millbrook Circle. This was promptly supported by Mr. Neglia, who agreed to allocate the capital designated for Millbrook Circle improvements to fix the issue promptly. Councilman Ascolese further highlighted a need for safety measures, suggesting the installation of a guardrail on Walnut Street where many cars have ended up in the brook due to miscalculations.

The council also paid heed to recreational activities and sports in the borough. Councilman Foschino lauded the DPW’s field maintenance work and proposed a technology initiative to provide iPads to DPW employees for enhanced time management and GPS tracking. While the initiative was favorably received, due to budget constraints, the proposal would be considered for the 2024 capital purchase.

Finally, as the borough rallies to support recreational activities, concerns were raised about the increasing costs of sports dinners, suggesting these were excluding families who could not afford such expenses. Councilman Foschino underscored the importance of inclusivity and affordability in organizing community events.

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