Oakland Borough Council and Mayor Fight Proposed Recycling Facility, 3,000 Residents Sign Petition

In a recently held mayor and council meeting of the Oakland Borough, the foremost topic of discussion was the proposed Class B recycling facility at 342 West Oakland Avenue. Anticipated to handle 900 tons of waste every day, the facility’s location near residential areas has sparked significant community pushback. A strong opposition has emerged with approximately 3,000 signatures gathered against the recycling plant’s establishment.

Mayor Linda H. Schwager conveyed the borough’s adamant stance against the facility, emphasizing the community’s unity in this cause. The mayor spotlighted an anonymous benefactor’s contribution of “no dumping” signs to the protest movement. Multiple entities, including the governor’s office, have assured their backing to the borough in this matter. The borough is actively compiling evidence to counter the proposal, including photos of endangered wildlife in the area.

The mayor, in conjunction with the borough attorney, has called for a 60-day extension for public feedback from the Bergen County Utilities Authority. This extension is intended to enable residents to supply additional evidence that could help combat the facility’s establishment.

Discussion in the meeting opened up to public voices. One attendee mentioned concerns surrounding river pollution, citing the Clean Water Act. He highlighted potential issues with pollutants and emphasized the local river’s role in providing clean water to both New York and New Jersey. Dave Richardson, another attendee, reiterated the 3,000 signatures collected and raised concerns about the native brook trout, an endangered species, which habituates the stream leading to the Ramapo river.

Other significant matters discussed during the meeting included updates on the remediation of local water pollutants, environmental conservation, and infrastructure projects.

The meeting also acknowledged recent firefighter graduates and broached discussions on various public improvements, fundraising, housing updates, and concerns regarding school safety in the wake of terrorist attacks abroad.

Finally, the council wrapped up with administrative discussions and announced the next meeting scheduled for November 8th.

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