Old Tappan Board Approves 6-Foot Fence Amid Overgrowth Concerns

In a recent meeting of the Old Tappan Planning Board, the primary focus was the proposal and approval of a 6-foot privacy fence for a local resident, aimed at providing a barrier against overgrowth from a neighboring, unattended property. The decision came after extensive discussion on the implications of the fence, the state of neighboring properties, and potential alternatives.

The homeowner, identified as Valer Elite Lea, expressed frustration over the unattended state of a neighboring property. Overgrown invasive weeds from this property have previously killed several trees on Lea’s plot. Photographs provided by Lea’s documented the overgrowth and tree deaths. The proposed fence, in addition to acting as a barrier against this overgrowth, would also enhance the aesthetics of Lea property. Lea planned to plant trees in front of this fence for added privacy, though challenges like the high costs of trees and concerns over deer eating them were noted.

Board members debated the fence’s height, pondering the implications of a 5-foot fence versus the proposed 6-foot one. While some believed that trees could be a more aesthetic solution, various challenges such as costs, sunlight restriction due to large neighboring trees, and the overgrowth were seen as major deterrents. The homeowner had previously spent $2,000 on a tree company to trim overreaching branches from the neighboring property’s trees, further emphasizing the issue’s urgency.

The state of the neighboring property was a recurring topic. Ed and Sharon, other neighbors, had faced similar problems with the overgrown plot, resolving it by purchasing a portion of the land for maintenance. The board also discussed a tree stump, with the homeowner inquiring about permissions for its removal.

In other discussions, the board briefly touched on property maintenance concerns and a dilapidated fence on Ultan Road and Orangeburg, described as dangerous and encroaching onto the sidewalk. The state of this fence was a point of contention among the board members.

The meeting concluded with anticipation from a board member, eager to see the final look of the approved fence. The session wrapped up with a unanimous decision to adjourn/

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