Old Tappan Borough Council Passes Resolution In Support of Israel

In a recent Old Tappan Borough Council meeting, a resolution expressing support for Israel and condemning Hamas garnered attention, alongside persistent parking concerns surrounding the high school’s turf field and track.

At the forefront of the meeting was the board’s consideration of a resolution addressing the Israel-Hamas conflict. This resolution condemned the violent acts committed by Hamas and expressed profound solidarity with Israel, specifically mourning the loss of lives, which included 900 Israelis and 11 Americans killed since October 7th. Rabbi Lewis, invited to offer a prayer, thanked the board for their support towards Israel. He presented a religious perspective on the conflict, emphasizing it as a struggle beyond territory, often perceived as a battle between good and evil. The Rabbi called for protection and blessings for those impacted, especially the Israel Defense Forces, and concluded with a testament to the resilience and strength of the Jewish people.

Parallelly, the local school’s parking issues took center stage, particularly concerning the gate leading to the high school’s turf field and track. Discrepancies in the locking and unlocking of this gate have resulted in confusion and logistical headaches. Proposals ranged from permanently locking the gate to entirely opening it. In addressing the matter, a resident noted, “Considering what’s going on, I would think they’re for it because who wants all that traffic?” A recommendation was made to simplify parking signs, with another local resident praising the idea as a “dumb, simple, elegant solution.”

Moreover, the board encountered a proposal from a group of students, led by Joseph Wang, advocating for the creation of an Ulta Pan Youth Council. The students, representing both middle and high school demographics, sought to ensure the youth’s voice in community matters and champion young leadership and community involvement. This proposition was met with a favorable response, with discussions about appointing a liaison to enhance this student-council collaboration.

On another front, Councilman Carnezza presented a police report outlining the activities of the Ulta Pan Police Department. Among the highlights were a notable number of service calls, motor vehicle stops, and enforcement details. Parking issues around the high school, accentuated during a recent soccer game, were underscored, leading to deliberations on clearer signage and improved communication.

Concluding the meeting, two specific ordinances, 1244-23 and 1245-23, were introduced. These aimed at amending the “low sap ordinance” for the first aid corps and tweaking the LOSAP point system for the fire department. Set for further review on November 6th, 2023, these ordinances promise to engage the board in continued debate and deliberation.

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