Old Tappan Planning Board Announces Delay of Two Key Applications

The Old Tappan Planning Board, during their meeting on September 13th, 2023, discussed the adjournment of two applications, known as the Glazer and CH applications. The board indicated these matters would now be addressed on November 8th.

During the meeting, a representative of the two applications highlighted that both were being adjourned. Concerns were raised about ensuring the public was informed, especially since approximately 10 to 15 individuals had shown interest in previous sessions. The board decided to announce that both applications would be carried over to November 8th, with no further notice needed.

Elsewhere in the meeting, an update was provided on the tree ordinance. Despite being inactive during July and August, the board made significant progress with this legislation. It is now in the hands of the former environmental council liaison and an attorney, with potential for a reading at the next mayor and council meeting.

In addition, the planning board briefly discussed the upcoming pickleball court at Stone Point Park. Online registration will soon be available for town residents to register and bring guests.

A notable development was the discussion surrounding a nursing home appeal. The board had been named in an appeal related to a nursing home project, along with two citizens who had filed an appeal. The legal process for this appeal was elucidated, highlighting that the case would be based on records developed before the planning board.

Finally, the board concluded by addressing administrative matters, including approving minutes from a prior meeting and discussing the status of future applications.

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