Oradell Council Celebrates Girl Scout Achievements,Tackles Community Development and Budget

The Oradell Borough Council has discussed various public departments and unveiled strategic investment plans designed to enhance the town’s infrastructure and resident services at its most recent meeting. The meeting also provided a stage for highlighting the achievements of local Girl Scouts.

In one of the most comprehensive discussions, the council reviewed several budget proposals from the Emergency Operations, the Clerk’s Office, and the Police Department. Mr. Godhealth, the OEM Coordinator, underscored the need for additional communication equipment and new emergency vehicles due to aging infrastructure and rising demands. The Borough Clerk emphasized a requirement for remediation work in the vault housing permanent records, at a cost of around $28,000. The Police Chief outlined an acquisition plan for a new stalker message trailer and a mobile stalker radar speed trailer to address local traffic issues.

Additionally, the council brought attention to the need for upgrading public signages, boosting the training budget for improved safety, and the impending need for larger vehicles in the Uniform Construction Code department. Various possible vehicle options, such as the Chevy Acadia, Blazer, and Terrain, were floated for consideration. The council also discussed the implementation of digital plan reviews, the necessity of larger screens for better reviewing digital plans, and the long-anticipated introduction of a credit card system for residents’ convenience.

Among other highlights from the meeting was an environmentally focused project proposed by Angela McDonough, a local Girl Scout pursuing her Gold Award. McDonough’s plan for creating a pollinator garden at the Oradell train station earned approval and support from the Council, illustrating a shared commitment to environmental sustainability and community education. Marissa Schoenberg, another Girl Scout, was recognized for her inclusivity-focused Gold Award project, “Kickball for All.”

The council also celebrated the achievements of a girls’ championship softball team from the Kinzecomax Softball League, praising the team’s determination and skill. In other noteworthy actions, the council demonstrated a strong opposition stance against the American Broadband Act proposal, HR 3557, arguing it would restrict local municipality control.

Under the ambit of public improvement projects, Council President Schoenberg announced the borough’s receipt of an $80,000 grant for Lotus Woods Nature Walk improvements. A proposal was put forth for a memorial dedicated to David Salinas to honor his service to the community at this location. Several additional grants were awarded, including for the Kickball for All program and improvements to Memorial Field.

Finally, addressing public safety, the council broached the subject of installing a stairlift at the fire station to assist aging or injured members. They also discussed the importance of expediting the receipt of a crucial Swift Water Rescue Team truck. These initiatives highlight the council’s ongoing efforts to ensure the safety and well-being of Oradell residents.

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