Oradell School Board Discusses Student Performance, Upcoming Referendum, and High-Impact Tutoring Grant

In a recent Oradell School Board meeting, members engaged in discussions on student performance, an upcoming referendum, and the allocation of a $38,000 High Impact Tutoring Grant. The board celebrated notable achievements in language arts and science, outlined strategies for improvement in mathematics, and emphasized the importance of parental involvement and continuous improvement. Special guest James Alberon, Superintendent of Schools at Riverdale, and introduced the upcoming referendum.

The meeting highlighted the district’s performance in language arts, with most grades nearing a 90% passing rate, attributed to early identification and intervention. The board expressed excitement over this achievement, particularly noting the significant improvement of the Oradell Public School class of 2025. Strategies for further enhancement included teacher reviews of data, exploring a variety of texts, professional development, and addressing specific weaknesses identified in evidence statements.

In science, the district showcased strength in life science, attributed to a curriculum focusing on gardening and animals, and identified areas for improvement in physical science. The board also celebrated the district’s consistent performance in science assessments, with a passing rate significantly higher than the state’s average, and discussed potential curriculum adjustments to address identified weaknesses.

Mathematics performance was a focal point, with the board acknowledging consistent performance across grade levels and discussing various strategies for improvement. Despite concerns about the math program, which had remained the same for seven years in K-5, the board outlined next steps, including participating in the Early Learning Network Improvement Community (ELNIC), running outside-of-school-day programs, applying for additional grants, and continuing professional development. The board also discussed the possibility of departmentalizing and making changes to the WIN program in sixth grade to improve scores.

The allocation of the $38,000 High Impact Tutoring Grant was discussed, with the board emphasizing its use for targeting specific student populations and exploring the possibility of receiving additional funds. The integration of high-impact tutoring during intervention periods and the potential of involving parents in the learning process were also addressed, with John Walsh suggesting the use of night math programs and parent homework.

James Alberon introduced the upcoming referendum in December, discussing proposed projects and facility renovations for the districts of Oradell and River Edge. He invited members and the public to a meeting on October 2nd for further information and emphasized the importance of these projects for the future of the district.

The board addressed financial matters, including closing out the 2022-2023 school year accounting systems and moving forward with the 23-24 year. The Business Administrator, Mr. Iapelli, clarified the status of the accounting systems. The board also reviewed and approved various reports and minutes and discussed upcoming events, fundraisers, policy updates, and public relations initiatives, including a partnership with Carterette in the Odyssey of the Mind program.

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