Oradell School Board Prepares for Comprehensive Evaluation, Supports Town’s Safe Streets Grant

In the latest Oradell School Board meeting, Superintendent Megan Bozios detailed the upcoming Quality Assurance Continuum (QAC) assessment process, the first comprehensive evaluation in 12 years due to the district’s high-performing status. The board also rallied behind the town’s Safe Streets grant application, aiming to fund local roadwork and sidewalk improvements.

After years of receiving waivers due to exceptional performance, the Oradell School District is set to undergo a comprehensive Quality Assurance Continuum (QAC) assessment. The process, explained by Superintendent Megan Bozios, will scrutinize five areas of district functioning: instruction and programming, fiscal management, governance, operations, and personnel. The district must score a minimum of 80 points in each domain to retain its status as highly performing.

Bozios outlined the QAC’s stringent review of various district policies, including the evaluation of contracts such as that for the business administrator. She emphasized the necessity of each budgetary step and the importance of public notice for budget-related issues. As part of the governance category, Bozios highlighted the mandatory requirement for every New Jersey school district to employ a District library media specialist.

The Superintendent also underscored the importance of the district’s code of conduct. She advocated for a supportive approach to student behavior, aiming to minimize exclusionary practices. The QAC will also assess teacher evaluations and the professional development plan, critical elements in maintaining effective staff ratings.

To illustrate the state’s interest in transparency, Bozios explained that the QAC team would review personnel submissions, which have grown more comprehensive over time. The state is keen to identify who fills each role, including the District data coordinator, director of gifted and talented education, and the supervisor of buildings and grounds.

In preparation for the evaluation, the district is also focusing on its tiered systems of support and intervention plans for students. The district’s curricula in language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, health, and physical education will be examined for alignment with state standards and other mandates. This rigorous examination process is anticipated to occur in March.

In other business, the board expressed unanimous backing for the town’s Safe Streets grant application, which aims to fund roadwork and sidewalk improvements. The board members agreed to submit a letter of support, as they had done in the past, to assist the town with its application.

The meeting also included discussions on various updates, including upcoming building security improvements, HVAC unit replacements, and the implementation of phonics instruction. Additionally, the board discussed the importance of supporting new teachers through a mentoring system, as required by New Jersey law. Community events such as the Halloween parades and the upcoming STEAM day were also highlighted, with Bozios inviting all board members to attend.

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Superintendent: Megan Bozios School Board Officials: Dorothy Watson-Nichols, Gregory Derian, Alena Acosta, Pooja Bhatia-Nigam, Jaime Downey, Jeremy Griffin, Mary-Katherine Norian, Rita Walker, John Walsh, Peter Iappelli (School Business Administrator / Board Secretary)

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