Paramus School Board Advances Student Achievement and Mental Health Initiatives

The Paramus School Board recently met to discuss student recognition, mental health, education policy, and upcoming financial budgets.

The meeting acknowledged the notable achievements of students in the NJ All-State Choir, All-State Intermediate Orchestra, and other esteemed platforms. These commendations showcased the School Board’s active efforts to support and recognize outstanding students for their contributions and talents.

In the same vein, the Board affirmed its commitment to mental health awareness, declaring May as National Mental Health Awareness Month. This marked the 10th Anniversary of the Stigma Free Initiative, which seeks to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health. It was an explicit nod to the growing significance of mental well-being in education. The board also declared the week of May 14-20 as Special Education Week, to recognize the efforts of those working for the development of special needs children, thus, signifying the board’s commitment to inclusivity in education.

The meeting also gave importance to the role of school health services. The Board declared May 10, 2023, as National School Nurse Day, acknowledging the crucial role school nurses play in student health.

On the policy front, several crucial decisions were approved under Mrs. Greene, the Chair for Education Policy. These included the Superintendent’s HIB report, approval of various curricular field trips, and a professional development proposal from Mindset Works, reinforcing the Board’s commitment to educational quality and growth.

There was significant attention towards finance and budgetary issues, with the board approving various maintenance agreements, renewals, and purchases related to district computer systems for the upcoming school year under the supervision of Ms. Hochhauser, the chair of Finance & Budget.

Furthermore, Mrs. Kardasakis, a Board member, reported the formation of a new committee focused on data analytics, with the goal of enhancing student achievement and the overall climate and culture of the schools. This hints at the board’s interest in leveraging data-driven strategies for the district’s educational growth.

During the Liaison Reports, the board welcomed the news of the Governor allocating additional funding for securing blueprints of school layouts, demonstrating the Board’s ongoing concern for safety within the school premises.

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